Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Earthquake 7.9 (1980 )- Grindhouse Experience chapter 8

Ugghhhh... I'm not even at the half way point of this project and my patience are already wearing thin for these movies. Not all have been awful, and there has even been a couple surprises so far but the overall package of them, from the films themselves to their transfer and framing is just a true test of patience.

Watching this movie on this particular day seemed like it could have been a sobering experience. A film about a massive earthquake crippling Tokyo just a few days after an earthquake (a full point bigger than the one in the movie's title) leveled a large part of Japan. The first 45 minutes of EARTHQUAKE 7.9 made sure that any emotions that life could carry into the viewing of this movie were thrown out the window. It had to have been the most melodramatic thing I've ever seen outside of a Lifetime channel movie. For a movie about a giant earthquake it takes until the halfway point of the movie to get to it. And the first half is bad music and lover's quarreling. Eventually we get to a decent low budget natural disaster survival movie. The effects were decent but the acting stayed way too dramatic for the duration.

Possibly the biggest problem that EARTHQUAKE 7.9, also known as Deathquake, Megaforce 7.9, had was that it just dragged on and on. The second half wasn't paced poorly but after the torture of the first half you had lost so much interest that you were hoping that the credits would start rolling at the end of each sentence. And once again the transfer sucked and the framing was worse.


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