Monday, December 23, 2013

Big Ass Spider (Blu-ray Review) - Epic Pictures

Directed By: Mike Mendez
Written By: Gregory Gieras
Starring: Greg Grunberg, Clare Kramer, Lombardo Boyar
Color/80 Minutes/PG-13
Region A

The Film
Cheesy, Syfy Channel quality movies have become all the rage of late. Whenever the newest one is released,whether on that specific channel, or to home video or even the rare trip the the theater, the internet explodes in all sorts of discussion, memes and love/hate for these movies. These movies are not fine art or high brow by any means. They are generally made on a low budget, with questionable CGI, ridiculous plots and hammy acting. Some of them gain cult movie status and are beloved by cheesy movie fans. With a title like BIG ASS SPIDER you already know what kind of movie you're in for... but does it suck? Or is it able to cross the line into "grab a beer and some friends and have a blast" territory?

When a local exterminator is bitten by a Brown Recluse spider he heads to the hospital for treatment. While there the mortician is bit by an unidentified spider, with nasty results. The exterminator works a deal to handle the hospital's problem in exchange for paying off his medical bill. It quickly becomes apparent that this spider is nothing he's ever seen. He teams up with Jose, the security guard who helps navigate him through the air ducts where he first catches a glimpse of this beast of a bug. While in the ducts a team of U.S. Army members comes in and takes control of the hospital. The spider escapes and the exterminator and the military are forced to join forces to stop this fast growing, murderous arachnid as he terrorizes downtown Los Angeles. 

BIG ASS SPIDER is a laugh riot. The exterminator Alex (Greg Grunberg) and Jose (Lombardo Boyar) are simply fantastic together. Their comedic timing is spot on and they seem like they're absolutely comfortable in their work together. Their effortless comedy really helps make the movie. Add in Ray Wise (Twin Peaks) as the Army Major and an appearance by Lin Shaye early on in the film and the cast really works. They're funny, and good. Better than you'd expect. Yes, the dialogue is corny and the movie itself is cheesy as fuck but director Mike Mendez and writer Gregory Gieras knew exactly what kind of movie they were making and played into its hands brilliantly. BIG ASS SPIDER is a chance to escape for 80 minutes, laugh, cheer and have a blast.   

The Audio & Video
The Blu-ray release of BIG ASS SPIDER from Epic Pictures looks and sounds great. The anamorphic widescreen transfer of this digitally filmed movie shines, as you'd expect. Yes, the CGI is a bit on the cheap side but it is better than most of these types of movie. The spider always looks decent, even when it is moving quickly. Beautiful L.A. weather allows for some gorgeous photography in the exterior scenes. The soundtrack sounds great as you'd expect with dialogue and music being mixed nicely and never having to compete with each other. Overall this is a very nicely produced disc.

Please Note: Images DO NOT represent Blu-ray quality

The Extras
On top of the movie, the disc features a solid lineup of extras including:
-Interviews with the cast
-SXSW Festival Featurette
-TV Spot
-Multiple trailers
-Additional featurettes with the stars and director

The Bottom Line
BIG ASS SPIDER lives up to it's name and potential of being a Goddamn blast. It is cheesy, funny and just plain fun. On top of the movie being great, the disc features some extra features that are also funny and entertaining. If you're a fan of cheesy Syfy Channel esque killer animal fare you're going to love BIG ASS SPIDER.

BIG ASS SPIDER is available HERE

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