Thursday, March 27, 2014

Meet Him And Die (Blu-ray Review) - Raro Video

Directed By: Franco Prosperi
Written By: Antonio Cucca, Cluadio Fragasso, Peter Berling, Alberto Marras
Starring: Ray Lovelock, Martin Balsam, Elke Sommer
Color/94 Minutes/Not Rated
Region A
Release Date: April 1, 2014

The Film
Ray Lovelock stars as an undercover cop sent to prison to infiltrate a drug ring and get a bit of personal revenge on the men who crippled his mother at the same time. Upon gaining the trust of higher ups and escaping prison with them he begins to climb the ranks of the family, sent on important jobs and drug runs. While trying to continue climbing the ranks to bring the drug ring down from the top he has to keep his identity secret which results in bullets flying and blood spilling from both sides.

Franco Prosperi (not of Mondo Cane fame, the other Franco Prosperi) delivers a really solid and prototypical poliziotteschi in MEET HIM AND DIE. Plenty of car chases, shoot outs, fights and blood. From the start of the film the adrenaline runs high with Lovelock's botched jewel heist, to the motorcycle chasing the freight truck which is probably the most exciting scene in the film Prosperi knows how to get us excited. MEET HIM AND DIE won't be held among the best Euro-crime films like Almost Human as it suffers from a few under developed characters, including Martin Balsam's character and an ending that leaves the viewer (and Lovelock) unsatisfied. MEET HIM AND DIE provides enough entertainment enter the good graces of genre fans along with being a suitable introduction to the genre for new viewers. I'm grateful that Raro Video released this disc.

The Audio & Video
Raro Video delivers the Blu-ray debut of MEET HIM AND DIE with mixed results. The 1.76:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer suffers from a waxy appearance and a layer of noise over the picture. Detail levels suffer as a result. On the other hand colors look pretty good so it isn't all bad. It's not the worst Blu-ray transfer I've seen (not by a long shot) but it isn't up to par with what Raro can do. Two audio tracks are available, both 2.0 stereo tracks. I listened to the Italian track which has optional English subtitles and it was a good track. Dialogue came through clearly and the soundtrack was crisp. Levels were mixed nicely. And English track is also available. 

The Extras
-Video interview with genre historian Mike Malloy
-13 page fully illustrated booklet

The Bottom Line
MEET HIM AND DIE is a typical example of the polizotteschi genre and one that you should add to your collection even if the Blu-ray isn't a slam dunk, it certainly is watchable and the film deserves your attention.

MEET HIM AND DIE is available HERE

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