Thursday, November 13, 2008

Massacre In Dinosaur Valley


Yet another entry into the Italian's cannibal films, and aside from very minimal cannibal moments, Massacre is better than expected. Michael Sopkiw plays a bad ass Paleontologist who hitches a ride into the Dinosaur Valley with a plane full of others. The area is supposedly cursed and without fail the plane crashes. Now stranded the need to survive kicks in for the survivors, who aren't all best fit (or dressed) for the situation. Dealing with deadly animals, cannibal natives, and slave drivers who need a quick fix of pretty women, they trudge through the Amazon.

Sopkiw is great in his role, the story flows well, never straying from fun or action for too long. The scenes with the natives are pretty good except that they are possibly the worst archers or spear-hurlers to ever grace film. The showdown between Sopkiw and the slave driver was awesome, and a great climax.

Nothing new, no surprises, just good trashy fun straight from the jungle.


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