Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Name Is Bruce (2008)


Bruce is back, with what some critics are calling a "vanity piece". I doubt they actually watched the movie, because anyone that finds MNIB vain has a very weird sense of the word.

My Name Is Bruce stars legendary cult and B-movie hero Bruce Campbell as himself... sort of. He plays a drunk, washed up, miserable version of himself. When a mega-fan unwittingly unleashes Guan-Di, the Chinese god of war (and bean curd), he can only think of one man to save his small town of Gold Lick, of course that is Bruce. What we get is everything any fan could hope for. Fun, campy action, angry rednecks and of course fantastic one-liners such as "If you're lucky you can play with my boom stick later". Not to be forgotten is multiple appearances by every one's favorite Shemp- Ted Raimi.

This movie was made for the fans, by the man. Its as simple as that. Its fun, that's all its meant to be, you won't find any message on life, and you won't see this winning an Academy Award. The critics will rip it apart because its not a great film and won't set the standard for expert direction and writing. But do we really want Bruce Campbell vs. The Chinese God of War & Bean Curd to be understood? No, we want to sit back, laugh and have a good time. We will leave the thinking for another day.

9/10 for another classic from Bruce.

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