Monday, December 15, 2008

Inferno (1980)


Inferno is the sequel to Suspiria and is every bit as good. Argento keeps the surrealism and atmosphere overflowing throughout along with the extreme lighting. It is a film that gets better with each viewing as you can dig deeper into every detail and every nuance. The soundtrack is typical Goblin, pumping and driving. The Italian electro-rock legends achieved film score perfection with the song at the climax of the movie. The writing is typical Argento, somewhat disjointed and not the best, but it just doesn't matter as that is not why we watch his films.

It can be argued that the surreal chaos achieved with Inferno would never be duplicated. I've yet to see anything like it. Argento fans argue over whether this film is on par with Suspiria or not, and both sides have valid points. I think they are perfect to watch back to back, and even though I prefer Suspiria, the underwater scene and the climax in Inferno are among my favorite moments in film history.


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