Monday, February 20, 2012

3 Short Films By Jeremiah Kipp

Several days ago I was approached via email asking if I'd be interested in viewing and possibly doing a review on a few short films. I enjoy doing this, so if anyone out there has shorts, email me and I'll be glad to check them out for potential write-ups.

Jeremiah Kipp was the man who emailed me, we spoke only briefly before I gave the films a watch. Not knowing much about the director of these films I wasn't expecting much, perhaps a glimmer of promise for a future filmmaker. It was quite clear to me after viewing the first short it was more than that. Jeremiah Kipp has been working on films for over a decade, most notably to me as First Assistant Director of the rather entertaining horror comedy I Sell The Dead.

The first of the short films I watched was DROOL. Unlisted on Kipp's IMDB, this was a roughly 4 minute experimental film of naked bodies rolling around in what can only be described as well, drool. Though the drool is obviously a stand in for whatever the viewer wants it to be. A metaphor for whatever emotion the audience is feeling at that moment. DROOL is beautifully filmed with precision direction. The quality of work here made me excited to view the next two.

CRESTFALLEN is a 6 minute drama, dealing with a woman's decision to end her life. This may have been my favorite of the three films. Kipp's direction and use of lighting and shadows during the short duration of this film are simply fantastic. A good performance out of the lead Deneen Melody as well. The soundtrack from Harry Manfredini (Friday The 13th) was icing on the cake.

Finally was CONTACT which really over stayed it's welcome at a rather lengthy 10 minutes. I kid I kid. A horrific and depressing look at a couple of junkies and the effects on the family with a Cronenberg esque feel and featured some fantastic prosthetic effect work from Daniel J. Mazikowski (Ti West's THE ROOST). The black and white photography lends a hand in creating a nasty mood to this film that is like a slap in the face while the film itself is a kick in the gut. It may not be fun, but you'll certainly remember it.

I wasn't aware of Jeremiah Kipp by name before he emailed me, but I am now. His debut feature film THE SADIST, which stars Tom Savini, is in post-production stages and I hope I'm among the first to get a chance to see it.

from The Sadist

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