Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Warrior Of The Lost World (1983)

It is always a minor miracle when a shitty movie turns mildly entertaining thanks to beer. That is what happened with Warrior Of The Lost World.

The Warrior rides on his futuristic motorcycle which talks to him quite fluently. and along with his team of outsider friends takes on The Omega and it's Megaweapon, who don't want an organized society to regain any stronghold in the barren world. That is the basic plot of Warrior Of The Lost World. Directed by David Worth, who was the man who did Kickboxer. The movie flows at an adequate yet awkward pace, with random bursts of action happening throughout. There is no doubt in my mind that 90% of the film's budget was spent on helicopter rental, old junked cars, and the use of able vehicles. A single viewing of any ten minute stretch of this movie would make this an obvious fact. That said, Donald Pleasance does add a bit of class to the cast and "The Hammer" Fred Williamson, who is no stranger to these post-apocalyptic cheese fests, adds enough baddassery to carry it through. The lead role played by Robert Ginty was a real stretch and his lines were obviously post-dubbed and were about as convincing as his motorcycle talking, calling the enemies "dorks" and "dickheads". Though, that was entertaining at first, the novelty of the shit talking motorcycle wears off quickly, especially with that voice.

Warrior Of The Lost World isn't something you'll fall in love with, it won't make you appreciate rip-offs of The Road Warrior and it will not make you suddenly appreciate bad movies. It will however mildly entertain you, make you laugh for all the wrong reasons and make you enjoy that beer (or 5) that you decided to drink while watching it.

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