Friday, January 17, 2014

Riddick (2013)

Article written by Jordan Reeves-

RIDDICK is the third film in the cult hit series starring Vin Diesel as the titular character.  Though this film is made 9 years after Chronicles of Riddick ,it only takes place 5 years later.  Riddick as the new Necromonger leader is in search of his birth place Furya and when he agrees to give up his role as leader in exchange for finding his home planet, he is betrayed by Vaako played by Karl Urban from the previous film and, is left for dead on a unknown desolate planet and he must survive the planets looming creatures, and 2 separate groups of bounty hunters, one group led by Boss Johns, who is played by Matt Nable.

I had the great pleasure of getting to do a phone interview with Matt Nable and was able to ask a few questions regarding his bad ass character of Boss Johns, who as fans of the series should know is the father to Cole Hauser’s character “Johns” from Pitch Black. 

I asked him whether he had taken anything special from Cole Hauser’s role of Johns in Pitch Black and used it for his performance in Riddick, and he said really the only thing he took was that the line of men that family was and that they are  just ass kickers and good men and tough bounty hunters

In RIDDICK the entire planet is a desert type atmospehre, with it always looking humid and dry, and then later in the film the planet has a torrential down pour that never lets up. I asked Matt about what shooting scenes were like with that weather aspect to the film, and having to wear heavy body armor while carrying heavy guns most of the time, and he said “basically it was shot in studio with control climate, so they weren’t really affected by weather, but with the equipment and long days of shooting made it very tiresome, though it beats digging holes for a living.”

I commented to him on how, as an audience, we are always rooting for Riddick in each film, and how this film in particular was interesting because we have our hero Riddick, who is our guy, and that he not only has to face the monster threat of the “mud demons” in this film but he’s also being hunted down by two separate groups of mercenaries. One group is a rag tag group of wildcards, and the other group, headed by Matt Nable, is a very organized militant group. I found it very cool to be able to root for Boss Johns (Nable) as well because of his characters intentions. Nable said he agreed that it was very clever of the director David Twohy to have Boss Johns be this very stoic man, who couldn’t care less about the enormous bounty placed on Riddick’s head and has been searching for Riddick for the last 10 years and just wants to know what happened to his son from Pitch Black and make Riddick pay and give him the answers he’s been searching for.

On the Blu-ray release of this film, there is an unrated cut which comes with an extra ending that’s about 5 minutes long. Fans of the film like myself will greatly appreciate it, because it directly sets up a 4th film. Nable told me, when I asked him what do we see from his character in a possible 4th film, because his business is concluded with Riddick, he told me “space is big, and we see Riddick at the end go back to the Necromonger world and who knows, we could always see the possibility of Boss Johns coming back into Riddicks world.”   As a fan that had me beyond excited.  

Matt Nable plays such a cool character in this film, and it was my first exposure to the Australian actor,  I asked him “like your character, and mercenary team, you yourself in real life are a jack of all trades person.  You went from being a Rugby star, to boxing, to writing novels and it has only been in the last 8 or so years you have been acting. Whats it like doing all that? And do you have any big film projects in the future for us?“ He replied that its all been really fun for him, and because of his exposure in Riddick, its really been great to him, and as for the future he is currently finishing a novel he’s working on.

For my first interview with someone in a film I fucking loved, Matt Nable was insanely nice and super humble, I enjoyed the time I spent interviewing him, and shared some laughs and appreciation for his performance in Riddick.  Even if you’re not a fan of the first two RIDDICK films definitely check this film out. Its great fun, and features really cool action and special effects.

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