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Abduction Of An American Playgirl / Winter Heat (DVD Review) - Vinegar Syndrome

USA/1975, 1976
Directed By: Claude Goddard, ?
Written By: ?
Starring: Jamie Gillis, Susan Sloan, Eric Edwards
Color/141 Minutes/Rated X
Region FREE

The Films
“She tastes sweeter than venison!” - ABDUCTION OF AN AMERICAN PLAYGIRL may be the funniest porno I’ve ever seen.

A couple buddies decide they need to get laid this weekend, having no money, and even less game with the ladies they cook up the half assed plan of kidnapping the first beautiful girl that comes their way. When they get her undressed and go through her things they find out she comes from a wealthy background and the light bulb in their head goes off that they can get ransom for her along with getting their fill of her body. Turns out the girl is insatiable, wanting both men endlessly, at the same time and even more, hell she even wants her sister at one point! Yeah, these bumbling idiots aren’t ready for the trouble they just brought upon themselves.

ABDUCTION OF AN AMERICAN PLAYGIRL is centered around a nasty plot, kidnapping a woman to rape her. However these men are no Krug and his gang, they’re not mean or even really despicable. Well, they are despicable for carrying out this act but their stupid nature is almost lovable. This film is genuinely funny, sexy as you’d expect and isn’t just another excuse for the old in-out.

And while ABDUCTION isn’t just an excuse for some close up shots of penetration WINTER HEAT pretty much is. Not to say its bad, it does what it aims to do quite well. A quartet of nasty individuals, 3 men (including adult film legend Jamie Gillis) and a woman who is a sex toy to the men, stumble upon a house filled with 3 young women, with the youngest looking barely 18, if even legal. You can guess what happens next… a lot of forced sex. It eventually turns to consensual sex which eases the sleaze factor just a bit to ease the viewer into a lighter mindset. The girls are all attractive, the plot is thin and the nudity is plentiful. A couple characters disappear for the last half hour of the film which is unintentionally hilarious to me for some reason. I’ll assume they just exploded into thin air from sexual bliss. WINTER HEAT isn’t art, it’s barely a movie, but it is an enjoyable piece of vintage erotica. And like I said, it does that quite well.

The Audio & Video
Both films are presented in their original aspect ratio of 1.33:1 for a full frame picture from Vinegar Syndrome. ABDUCTION looks very good with very minor print damage in just a few spots. Colors and flesh tones are strong and natural and is as nice looking as one could hope for. WINTER HEAT is also in mostly good condition, there are some scratches, and some dirt and dust on the print but overall it looks nice. The audio tracks are simple stereo tracks that have a bit of background noise such as crackling and popping as you’d expect from old XXX titles such as these.

The Extras
A trailer for ABDUCTION is the only extra on the disc.

The Bottom Line
This double feature of 1970s porn flicks is of course full of sex, skin and all sorts of kinky stuff. What is a very nice surprise is how funny ABDUCTION is and even WINTER HEAT gets some great humor in at times. This is my favorite Vinegar Syndrome erotica/porn release to date.

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