Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Grindhouse Experience: Chapter 2 "Tortured Angels"

We are on to film number two of the Grindhouse Experience. Lets get to the point...

Strike Of The Tortured Angels (1982)

Imagine an exploitation movie. Got it? Now imagine an exploitation movie made by a kid in 4th grade. That is what this movie is.

I normally do research on a movie I know little about to find out about the actors, directors, writers, so on, so forth. This one gets no such treatment. Why, you may ask... because it is a giant pile of steaming shit.

The whole movie centers around a few girls in reform school. One is in love with a doctor... a doctor who knocks up her sister. This could be the setup for amazing Women In Prison revenge style stuff. Instead we get melodramatic, boring and the least intense action you may ever see. Even when the action gets "crazy" it is still boring and lethargic. Even the actors don't care. There is some mud wrestling action but you won't care because it is an Asian based film where nudity is strictly monitored. So even when you may get something trivial and worthwhile you get nothing. There is some blood, but during that scene there is also a girl in obvious blackface so you are more focused on that. Speaking of blackface... is the lead black girl just a white girl in makeup? It seriously looks that way. I don't know what to say about this movie. Its boring, melodramatic and just plain bad. Your intelligence will be questioned and patience tested. If you are a fan of any sort of fun/sleaze/good movie just move along because there is nothing to see here.

The basis of this movie is enough to be good, but because of how it ended up it may very well be the biggest cock tease in cinematic history.


Oh, and no, you don't get a poster for the movie because it would possibly make your pants wiggle and get you excited for some action that isn't in this movie. Deal with it.

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