Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Raw Force - Grindhouse Experience Chapter 4

Here we are again, already with chapter 4 of the Grindhouse Experience. I'm getting through this set a bit faster than expected, thanks in large part to the wonderful creation of alcohol. Without which I doubt most of these movies would go down easily, or so it seems.

Lets get the technical stuff out of the way now - Raw Force is a 1982 action/adventure/horror/exploitation/whatever the hell they wanted to do film. Edward D. Murphy, who directs this pure schlock-fest is responsible for only one other directorial credit (Heated Vengeance) and a handful of acting credits. Murphy shows some actual ability, believe it or not. While not blowing you way with his artistry he could set up and execute a shot. His directing abilities certainly outweigh his writing (he's also the write of both of the movies he directed).

The movie opens with a group of women who look local being shipped to Warrior's Island by plane. Its quickly that we learn a Hitler look-a-like is in charge of this human trafficking type operation, which commonly leads to the women being stripped naked for the natives. Cut to a group of tourists getting no a cruise ship who are promised entry to the forbidden areas. They wind up on the mainland and go to all the normal touristy areas- junk markets, bars, strip clubs and an illegal whorehouse until they arrive on Warrior's Island in a life or death situation and find they are not welcome.

Raw Force is ridiculous, certainly the type of movie that is aided by liquor. It goes from a butt naked scramble out of the whorehouse when the cops bust in, to a single jar of gasoline being lit on fire and sinking an entire cruise ship. There are zombies, plenty of kung fu fighting, shootouts where the armed men cowardly hide behind things and shoot blindly at unarmed people, cannibalism (barbecued, not boiled!), boobs and Hitler impersonators. How can it be bad, right? Well its awful. But its awful in one of those ways where if you are someone who appreciates almost totally inept movies you can find plenty of entertainment in it to justify your time. The direction is okay, the dialogue is awful and the acting is just as bad. The score isn't as bad as it should be but you really don't have a clue as to what the fuck is actually going on. And I wouldn't want to with this one.

This is certainly a case of the drunker you are, the more fun you'll have. Bottoms up!

7/10 for the entertianment provided

I'm not posting a poster so the alternate title is Kung-Fu Cannibals if you are trying to find it.

SHIT! I totally forgot to add that this movie was ended with a To Be Continued... So I'm anxiously awaiting the next chapter to this film just like the new Sisqo album he promised me when I met him several years ago at the mall. I hope Sisqo directs Raw Force 2.... Thong Song would be a great track to play over some cannibal kung-fu action.

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