Friday, May 6, 2011

Django Unchained Script - Reaction

So Quentin Tarantino's new script has leaked. DJANGO UNCHAINED is his homage to spaghetti westerns. It is as much a slave revenge tale as much (probably more) than a spaghetti western.

The script is 164 pages long, and in a few cases I can already see the areas that should be cut. I won't spoil anything (it is out there if you want to read it) but there are some areas where Tarantino strokes his own ego a bit too much and the story suffers from it. To be fair the story seems well paced other than a couple of instances of QT being QT. The action, even if I could tell which movies he is lifting it from already (which he's infamous for doing) is exciting. The characters are decently interesting, with none of them really soaring to Hans Landa levels. The dialogue flows as always. And aside from the typical downfalls of Tarantino films, that being that the majority of his movies were already made in the 60s and 70s, it is a good script. Hell, he name drops Leone and Corbucci in the script. I have no doubt it will be an entertaining movie that is successful. I just hope that while praise for Quentin roles in people go back and discover the films that... inspired.... him on this one. Because until he makes a movie that is truly his own, the great films that he loves so much to remake deserve praise as well.


Doug said...

Just finished reading it. Overall I was happy with it. His homages that he's infamous for are pretty much here to stay and are to be expected. I honestly think he's that much of a fanboy that to do something truly original would be weird for him.

My only gripe with this script is that it almost follows the plot of IG a little too closely. The revenge angle, more death by dynamite, the switching between languages...etc. Hopefully he changes that up a bit.

Other than that? I would agree with most of what you have said.

Seth Poulin said...

I thought the same thing about IB, its very similar in tone and how it plays out. The narrator popping in half way through for a few pages had me scratching my head as well, along with the 8 million flashbacks.

It definitely looks entertaining though... assuming he doesn't actually get Will Smith to lead.

Joe Greenwood said...

is there a link to the script?