Friday, May 13, 2011

Eyes Of The Chameleon dvd review

Sara is a bartender living in Las Vegas who is unhappy with the way her life is going. She and a friend visit a psychic for a card reading but the visit goes sour after an unsettling encounter with the psychic and her assistant. Soon after the ordeal Sara's life begins to spiral out of control and a series of brutal and bizarre murders surround the people closest to Sara. Can Sara find out what is the cause of her sudden madness and who is behind the murders before it is too late to save herself?

Ron Atkins directs this schizophrenic horror film that doesn't know which direction to go in. There are a couple moments in EYES OF THE CHAMELEON that have a giallo flare to them which are quickly followed by moments so over the top silly that they couldn't be an accident. The short comings of low budget horror films are ever present here though they are forgivable during the bright spots of the film such as the disturbing opening and hallway stalk sequence. Other than those two moments EYES OF THE CHAMELEON is a sloppily edited mess that unfortunately falls into the territory of Rob Zombie-esque disaster more often than not.

Filmed on location in Las Vegas using what seem to be mini DV cameras, EYES OF THE CHAMELEON comes to us in a 1.33:1 aspect ratio from Troma. The aspect ratio does seem to be the original. The picture seems to come from a clean print with minimal spotting and dirt. The audio is a Dolby Digital 2.0 track that while a bit quiet at times is serviceable and usually easy to understand. Extra features include a pair of deleted scenes and a trailer along with a lineup of Troma shorts. A commentary track by the director is listed however it is nowhere to be found on the disc or in a separate audio track. Overall this would be competent package for a very underwhelming film if the commentary track was present. Recommended for Troma completists only.

Director - Ron Atkins (2005)
Writer - Ann Green
DVD Release Date - May 10, 2011

Film 1.5/10
DVD Presentation 4/10

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