Wednesday, May 11, 2011

General Update May '11

This entry is to update everyone on a few things going on and some plans for the not too distant future.

First off- I recently did a DVD review for Infini-Tropolis. I will be doing more reviews for them in the future. Infini is a great site dedicated to all things cult film/TV/comics etc.. It has the least douchey community of any internet movie site I've been around. I suggest visiting the site and looking around. There is a ton of great stuff going on. Then, sign up and contribute. We are in the middle of a creating a list Cult Films Bucket List ie: cult films to see before you kick the bucket. The more minds working with that one, the better. Support that site which can be found HERE

I've gotten in with a couple of companies to start regularly receiving screener discs of their new releases. I won't reveal any names until I actually get packages and can review them. That will bring a steady flow of new DVDs and Blu Rays to review, that will hopefully be able to inform of you what to spend or don't spend those hard earned bucks on.

There is a plan to turn Celluloid Terror into a magazine, along with increasing the web presence. The magazine will cover all things from horror, midnight movies to all forms of exploitation and sexploitation. We will have film reviews, product reviews (dvd, blu ray, collectibles, etc...), mid-Atlantic convention coverage, short stories, fan art, and everything you can imagine. Much of what is happening in the magazine will be from the readers. If you have a short story or a short comic, send it! You have a drawing of Pinhead having sex with a werewolf? You're weird, but send it! The fan section will play a big role in the magazine, along with the articles from regular and guest contributors. I also want to spotlight a collection and its owner in each issue. There are a lot of us out there who have spent a ton of time and money putting together a collection we're proud of and we need the world to see it! I'm hoping to have the first issue out around Halloween. It will be mail order or perhaps I'll be around at different conventions with them.

If you have any interest in being a contributor to the magazine or have something you'd like to submit to show the world comment on here or the Facebook page (which will also be overhauled soon I hope) with your email address and what it is you're interested in doing.

Thanks for reading.

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