Monday, November 18, 2013

The 7th Day (2012)

Allan is a quiet man, a loner who works as a dish washer at a local bar, he hates his job, his loud and annoying neighbor, and his co-workers who give him shit. He does have a soft spot for the cute waitress at the bar named Denise who treats him with kindness. Oh, and Allan also has a love for murder that dates back to his childhood.

Allan gets urges to kill every so often, but lately these urges have become stronger and much more frequent. He picks and chooses his victims, often using some sort of knife to kill them off. His madness has been getting worse as he has now started experimenting with rape and necrophilia. He believes he will change the world, even to the point that he is being followed around by an interviewer documenting his life. His delusions are getting worse and worse over the last week and on the seventh day he realizes who he is and what he does and nobody can escape that when he select them.

THE 7TH DAY is an independent horror film made by a team of people from the Baltimore area. Directed by Jason M. Koch, who has an ever growing resume of special effects work with the Aftermath FX team (who worked on this film), the film is a simplistic horror film that works in its minimalism. The cast does a good job being believable in their roles, with Mark S. Sanders being very good in the lead role. Aftermath FX provides plenty of gore that is just dripping with nastiness. They're a team that does excellent work. THE 7TH DAY is a low budget, simple and effective. It isn't perfect but it is definitely shows that the up-and-coming group responsible for this movie have a bright future ahead of them.


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