Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Book - Italian Horror Masters Return For A 12 Part Anthology - Fund Raising Campaign

Update: It's been 2 and a half years and there is no movie. I along with hundreds of others are still owed the goods we donated money for. There's no sign of that ever happening or the movie ever being made. My $75 is gone for good it seems and others who donated anywhere from $1 into the thousands have been ripped off essentially. I don't blame the directors that were to be attached but the "production team" that essentially ran off with over $12,000. I'd be happy if I got the autographed VHS I was promised. What a bummer.

There are days when I'm blind sided by exciting movie related news. You know the feeling, when a director, actor or subject matter gets a green light on a project you're incredibly excited about and that project immediately shoots to the top of your "Most Anticipated Films" list. Well, yesterday was one of those days for me when I heard about THE BOOK.

Taken from THE BOOK'S Facebook page," THE BOOK sees the ultimate collaborative Italian horror film unfold before your very eyes. A one off project of unprecedented scale, THE BOOK brings together, for the very first time, the writers, directors, actors, composers and artists behind the finest Italian genre cinema of the past sixty years. This includes the creative forces behind the Giallo movement, Spaghetti Westerns, Eurocrime and more. Each director will be given the opportunity to showcase their own personal vision of Rome, spread across a dozen episodes. Each segment in this feature film will contain a unique blend of macabre thriller, horror and the fantastic; all delivered with the unique style and method of the director in question."

If that doesn't get you excited, well then you aren't me. 

The directors attached to the project are:
Lamberto Bava (Demons, Demons 2, Macabre)
Antonio Bido (The Bloodstained Shadow, Watch Me When I Kill)
Enzo G. Castellari (Cold Eyes Of Fear, Inglorious Bastards)
Luigi Cozzi (The Killer Must Kill Again, Contamination)
Alberto De Martino (Holocaust 2000, The Antichrist)
Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust, House on the Edge of the Park)
Aldo Lado (Night Train Murders, Who Saw Her Die?)
Umberto Lenzi (Nightmare City, Cannibal Ferox)
Edoardo Margheriti (In The Eyes Of A Killer, Black Cobra)
Sergio Martino (Torso, All The Colors Of The Dark)
Sergio Stivaletti (The Wax Mask)
Tonino Valerii (My Name Is Nobody, My Dear Killer)

The screenplay will be provided by Dardano Sarchetti (Cat 'O Nine Tails, City Of The Living Dead) and the soundtrack will be provided by Goblin. Famous Italian genre poster artist Enzo Sciotti will handle the custom art to round out this beautiful package. 

There is an IndieGoGo campaign underway trying to raise their goal of $100,000 and they've offered up quite a few nice perks including signed DVDs and Blu-rays of THE BOOK upon completion, signed movies and art from each director's film, a limited edition mask from Sergio Stivaletti's original mold of the mask from Demons and even an Executive Producer credit on the film. There is something cool available at every price range to help make this film the best it can be. And you may be wondering exactly what your donation will mean to the film, well the filmmaking team answered that question on their Facebook page as well:

 "We fully intend to involve every possible worthwhile creative force in the Italian genre industry, which means that all of the funding acquired here will go towards attaining further cast members.

Is there anyone you would love to see as part of THE BOOK?

Chances are that they may be appearing, but we’ll need your help.

Every purchase that you make, even the small tier ones, makes a huge difference to our project. With so many great names out there, we want to ensure that we create the ultimate tribute to Italian genre cinema, and we’re off to a great start.

So, once again, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts."

Sounds good to me. 

THE BOOK is a project close to my heart, I'm a long time lover of Italian horror (and other forms of Italian genre cinema), I'd say these movies are what really turned me from a lover of horror into a lover of all forms of film by opening a door to a much wider world of movies. I was exposed to many genres, actors and film makers that I had no idea about when I first discovered the Italian horror world. Seeing so many names I love come together to make this film has made me a very happy person the last few days and I cannot wait to see the final product. If you share in my passion for these great artist's films and want to see THE BOOK be the best it can be head on over to the Indie GoGo page and pick up a cool perk for donating!

THE BOOK can be found on Indie GoGo HERE

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