Monday, November 4, 2013

The First Time / Oriental Babysitter (DVD Review) - Vinegar Syndrome

USA/1978, 1976
Directed By: Anthony Spinelli
Written By: Richard Delong
Starring: Mimi Morgan, Joey Silvera, Linda Wong, David Book
Color/143 Minutes/Not Rated
Region FREE

The Films
THE FIRST TIME follows a young woman who is working on her first porno film and takes a look back at some of her sexual exploits that have allowed her to be so open and comfortable fucking on camera for the first time. Then, she attends her first swinger party where she has a couple more first time experiences all the while fighting with her deadbeat boyfriend.

THE FIRST TIME features enough of a story to get attached to, and enough sex to keep you entertained. It isn't the most interesting film, but there are a few moments including one at the end that are sort of made me say "what the fuck?" A breezy film that any vintage porno fan will enjoy.

When it comes to story telling THE ORIENTAL BABYSITTER makes THE FIRST TIME look like Goddamn Shakespeare. The entire narrative is our star discussing her time spent as a babysitter and how she licked, sucked and fucked the parents of the kid she was supposed to be watching. This also includes her first time with a man where she is forced in to it by a drunk father but ends up loving the attention.

Nothing new or surprising here as 95% of the run time is spent on sex with the remaining 5% on credits and shots of the babysitter talking.

The Audio & Video
Vinegar Syndrome presents both films in this double feature with anamorphic widescreen  1.85:1 prints. THE FIRST TIME looks nice with minimal print damage in the form of scratches. The colors and skin tones look strong and natural and overall it has a nice healthy look to it. THE ORIENTAL BABYSITTER fares just as well with minimal print damage and a strong presentation. Both films have a good audio track as well with very little background noise to be a distraction.

The Extras 
Bare bones. 

The Bottom Line
There isn't much debate here, either you're interested or you aren't. You'll know right away upon reading the synopsis if this is for you. If you dig old school adult films check it out.

THE FIRST TIME/ORIENTAL BABYSITTER Drive-In Collection  Double Feature is available HERE

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