Wednesday, November 1, 2017

2017 October Horror Challenge Day 23

Well let's try this again since autosave apparently didn't save jack shit....

Day 23 started out with DEMENTED from 1980, a movie with possibly the roughest opening scene I've ever witnessed. Before the opening credits even appear we witness a woman get gang raped by four men in a stable. Yup, that's your opening sequence. There's nothing left to the imagination for what type of movie this is going to be. The movie never quite gets as crazy as similar pictures like I Spit On Your Grave but it still is not a pleasant movie. We spend the entire time with a broken woman who is obviously not ready to be out of the psych hospital she was being treated in and is now being terrorized by masked assailants that may or may not be part of her broken mind. As far as rape revenge movies go this one isn't quite a classic but it stands tall and definitely gives the despicable antagonists a taste of their own medicine. The dinner scene is especially whacked out.

The only other movie of the day was a Swedish film inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's story The Color Out Of Space. FEED THE LIGHT is from director Henrik Moller and could be summed up by Lovecraft by way of very early experimental David Lynch but not iconic like either of those two things. It is a strange little movie set in an underground warehouse of sorts that offers up some chills, some claustrophobia and a bit of "what the fuck?". It was an interesting movie filled with invisible passages, and shadow dust monsters that I think warrants a watch but will probably prove to be something I don't revisit often.

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