Wednesday, November 1, 2017

2017 October Horror Challenge Days 24 and 25

Day 24 had three very different films starting with GHOST STORY from 1981. This anthology movie revolves around one central ghost woman and a society of older gentleman called the Chowder Society. It's the definition of gathering around a camp fire and telling spooky tales. It's also a bit grosser than I expected. It has great performances to boot. Solid little chiller.

THE FOX WITH A VELVET TAIL aka In The Eye Of The Hurricane is a giallo from director Jose Maria Forque which doesn't have much in the way of horror but is more of a romance based thriller with all of the classic traits of the genre. It's a slow burn but the beautiful women, beach paradise setting and an overall solid story keep things interesting until the twist and full plot reveal themselves. This isn't a classic giallo or even among the more entertaining but I thought it was solid fare.

Finally for day 24 a bit of a disappointment, BLACKENSTEIN. You give me a blaxploitation version of Frankenstein and I'll tell you I'm fucking game! Well it's neither horror enough or blaxploiation enough and aside from a few scenes it's rather dull. I suppose there's some okay effects and the acting is good but man was I hoping for something along the levels of Blacula and what I got was miles behind that.

Day 25 had the lone viewing of DOLLS, a classic Stuart Gordon flick made for Empire Pictures. Empire just flat out got it. I don't know what has happened to Charles Band in recent years but there was a time when he just knew how to make fun and down right cool b-movies and make them quality as well despite not having big budgets. DOLLS may be the groundwork for Puppet Master, it certainly feels that way, but it's such a quick, fun little movie with a couple surprises in store.

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