Saturday, April 5, 2014

2014 Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge - Day 4

What happens when Shaw Bros. Studio does their version of King Kong and make it extremely campy? Well you get THE MIGHT PEKING MAN, of course! The giant ape, who looks more like a Neanderthal to me, lives in seclusion in the jungle with his beautiful white jungle princess who was stranded there as a little girl during a plane crash. During an expedition to find the beast another man gets stranded and falls in love with the girl. Eventually the beast brings them back to his home in the city where he is captured and the typical King Kong type story plays out. It's a silly and entertaining take on the story. 6/10

DETROIT 9000 was next, a fairly typical blaxploitation cop flick where the detective tries to solve a heist that took place at a local politician's impromptu fundraiser. It isn't anything spectacular but it is pretty decent from start to finish and has some exciting shootouts and chase scenes. 6/10

The day closed with a viewing of THE SECRET AGENT CLUB with a few friends. Oh you've never heard of this? Well let me fill you in real quick. Hulk Hogan stars as the father to this whiny brat of a kid. He's a nerdy, lame dad, one that you wouldn't want showing up at your baseball game. The Hulkster is secretly a government agent though, surprise! Put on a wig that doesn't look much different from his dad hair, and a mustache and all of a sudden he's a master of disguise. He's on a mission to keep this powerful gun away from terrorists, this gun is apparently as powerful as an A-Bomb but it struggles to shoot through chain link fence and bounces off mirrors. Of course the gun falls into the hands of his kid and his friends when Hulk is captured by the baddies who have to protect the gun until they can rendezvous with one of Hulk's agent friends. It features Barry Bostwick from Rocky Horror Picture Show and Jack Nance from Eraserhead and is a disaster of a movie. I don't need to go further than calling it a disaster, do I? Well it does have a few laughs because of how fucking stupid it is so it could have been worse. 3/10


Kev D. said...

The best part about Peking Man is the girl who is way hot. Oh actually, and the love song when they do sex.

Celluloid Terror (Seth Poulin) said...

I like how she remembers English randomly but then forgets again