Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hazard Jack (DVD Review) - Horizon Pictures

Directed By: David Worth
Written By: Doug Vandegrigt, David Worth
Starring: Quincy Taylor, Amanda Maddox, Alison Lani
Color/81 Minutes/Not Rated
Region 1
Release Date: May 13, 2014

The Film
A group of friends plan their monthly paintball game to be inside an abandoned hospital, the perfect spot for a creepy game of capture the flag. The group arrives the night before to party up the night because what is a paintball game without a massive hangover. As the group eats, drinks, smokes and screws the night away, a lunatic veteran who has been living in the hospital since being fired from his construction job after returning home from war with PTSD roams the halls, torturing a young woman he already had in his grasp. It doesn't take long after the start of the game for HAZARD JACK to maul and dismember the players one by one.

HAZARD JACK is your typical slasher film filled with a weak attempt at commentating on the state of our military veterans. The commentary is thin and easily disregarded, even with the hamfisted end credits scene tacked on for good measure. The characters are all caricatures, from the nerdy shy girl who dresses so frumpy you'd think she's in some sort of bad Halloween costume, to the overly gay gay couple, the over the top jocks and sluts and the final girl that isn't so final. Not even our killer makes up for it, while he does have an intimidating presence and a hulking stature, he isn't interesting and the kills, which are why we watch slasher films, are far from imaginative.

I'm struggling to find a rock solid positive here but other than the fact that it follows the slasher film formula pretty well I can't find one. Even the location of the old hospital irritated me as it sits in the middle of a city. How nobody saw all of these cars break the chains and enter in broad daylight or hear the carrying on while they partied is beyond me. HAZARD JACK is a time waster at best.

The Audio & Video
Horizon Pictures gives HAZARD JACK the DVD treatment with a fine looking 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. The digital photography looks as good as you can expect and I have no real complaints. The stereo audio track is much the same, adequate without any bells or whistles. There's no background noise in the track and it is mixed fine. 

The Extras
Bare bones.

The Bottom Line
Slasher enthusiasts will probably enjoy HAZARD JACK enough despite its lack of an interesting villain or kills. There are plenty of boobs though, they certainly got that part of the slasher formula right.

HAZARD JACK is available HERE

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