Friday, April 11, 2014

The Jekyll & Hyde Portfolio / A Clockwork Blue Drive-In Collection Double Feature (DVD Review) - Vinegar Syndrome

USA/1971, 1972
Directed By: Eric Jeffrey Haims
Written By: Eric Jeffrey Haims, Donn Greer, Bonnie Jean
Starring: Sebastian Brook, Mady Maguire,
Color/167 Minutes/Not Rated
Region FREE
Release Date: April 8, 2014

The Films
What a serious pair of oddball films! First in THE JEKYLL & HYDE PORTFOLIO the nurses at the Florence Nightingale Institute are among the best, and sexiest around. Unfortunately they have to deal with a strange and perverted doctor. Oh, and a killer on the loose who is leaving his victims marred with 3 star shaped wounds on their abdomen. From the perverted doctor who only wants to see the girls in their uniforms, with no underwear of course, to the weird hunchback and another doctor who just loves dissecting frogs, the Florence Nightingale Institute seems like the perfect place for a crazy to be running around killing the girls. This is a horror film but it is equally a sex film, not hardcore though, and just a silly fucking movie. THE JEKYLL & HYDE PORTFOLIO is surely going to leave an impression on you and probably have you wondering just what in the blue hell is going to happen next.

And if JEKYLL & HYDE was off the wall... well then came A CLOCKWORK BLUE. You certainly read Homer's Odyssey in high school. Well here, Homer goes on a different odyssey. As he's an assistant researcher and goes time traveling through the ages sleeping his way around history while trying not to get caught. From colonial America to the Trojan horses of Rome and places in between, Homer gets to see the and experience the sexier side of history... sometimes. He's usually being chased off or attacked. There's also a very jive God-like character, watching Homer's comedic mishaps through a watermelon TV. Plenty of lovely T&A and laughs to be had here.

The Audio & Video
JEKYLL & HYDE features an okay 16x9 transfer. The condition of the source material shows the film's age and it is obvious that it wasn't kept in great condition. It has scratches, dirt and debris. It is a bit soft and washed out at times as well. That said, it is absolutely a watchable transfer and for a title such as this I'm satisfied with how it turned out. The audio on it has some crackling and such but not much. It is in better shape than the picture.

A CLOCKWORK BLUE looks quite good here. Colors are vibrant and lively from the greens and reds to the whites which don't get too hot and blacks which are pretty deep. Skin tones look fleshy and natural and the source material has obviously been kept in nice condition. The mono audio track is very clear and free of background noise. A very nice presentation that only looks and sounds better with the limited edition Blu-ray. Overall a passable to very good double feature from Vinegar Syndrome.

The Extras
Bare bones.

The Bottom Line
I think any fan of horror, cult, sexploitation, adult or just fucking weird movies owes it to themselves to see these 2 films. The 70s were a wonderful time where just about everything went and this double feature proves it. 

JEKYLL & HYDE PORTFOLIO/A CLOCKWORK BLUE Drive-In Collection Double Feature is available HERE

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