Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Horror Challenge 2013 - Day 2

Day 2 started with Out Of The Dark, a late 80s stalk and slash type film about a guy wearing a clown mask terrorizing the girls of a phone sex hotline. There's everything you'd expect here, plenty of tits, lots of murders and a totally useless police investigation. It isn't bad at all really and ended being a pleasant surprise in how solid it was. It isn't incredible but it is a later slasher film that is worth a watch. It is available on the FEARnet On Demand channel in HD for free if anyone wants to check it out.

I then checked out a disc of 4 Goosebumps episodes... Monster Blood, More Monster Blood, How To Kill A Monster and The Girl Who Cried Monster... apparently they had a hard on for monsters that day. Well what I was hoping would be a fun trip down memory lane packed with nostalgia ended up being a rather painful test of endurance. Could I make it to the end? Yeah, but barely. It was awful. This show hasn't aged well at all which is a shame because much of the similar themed Are You Afraid Of The Dark? series has aged quite well. Oh well, you win some, you lose some, and you take a crap on your childhood with some.

Next up it was time to play a round of "pick a random movie on your hard drive that you've never seen before" and the winner was Lunch Meat. If you've ever seen Lunch Meat you know that I was the loser in this game. This is another shot-on-video "gem" from the 80s that has a cool name, spawned a genre fanzine and totally sucks. It is a family of cannibals that sell their leftover meat to a burger joint. So there was a lot of backwoods slashing going on similar to Cannibal Campout from yesterday but not nearly as entertaining.

Keeping in line with 80s slashers that I've watched too many of these first 2 days of the challenge I threw on the DVD of Slaughterhouse. The story of this one is an old slaughterhouse owner has been forclosed on by the city but he refuses to give up his land and him and his massive son who squeals like a pig kill anyone that comes on to their land. Sounds simple enough to be fun but it plays around with being a comedy and a satire but doesn't go far enough with either one to make it anything but uneven. The last act is pretty great as far as slashers go though. If the whole movie was as good as the final act it'd be a classic slasher film, instead it played around too much in the earlier part of the movie and will forever be mediocre.

Today's Rundown
Out Of The Dark - 6/10
Goosebumps - disappointing
Lunch Meat - 3.5/10
Slaughterhouse - 5/10

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Caffeinated Joe said...

Definitely a win/lose day!