Monday, October 21, 2013

October Horror Challenge 2013 - Days 19-20

 Day 19 was by far my favorite day of the challenge so far, with X-Ray aka Hospital Massacre being the only questionable movie. This is a pretty blah slasher that features Barbi Benton in the lead role and the reveal of the killer that can be seen a mile away. There's one scene I thought was hilarious that features a room full of people in body casts flailing about wildly. The movie isn't terrible but it is just rather uneventful and feels a lot longer than it actually is.

Schizoid starring Klaus Kinski was next and I thought this one was the far more interesting half of the double feature with X-Ray. The acting in this movie carries the story well and there are some tense scenes before the identity of the killer is revealed. A nice discovery.

This next film was crazy and I loved it. Goke, The Body Snatcher From Hell might just be my favorite first time viewing of the challenge. The passengers of a Japanese flight are terrorized by someone that is a host for a weird alien life form that looks like melted silver and turns it's host into vampire-like monsters. This one is weird and wild and awesome.

The next one was the 1932 classic Island Of Lost Souls, another first time viewing. I was surprised by how little Bela Lugosi was featured in this one, but it wasn't a bad thing as Charles Laughton does a great job as the evil Dr. Moreau. Actually all of he main characters are quite good and this one can stand up with some of the more popular titles of the 30s.

My first Pete Walker film of the challenge was The Confessional aka by the superior title, The House Of Mortal Sin. If you aren't familiar with Walker I highly suggest checking him out. I feel he is one of the most underrated horror film makers ever. I think this one is good and has a lot to say about the Catholic church.

The day came to a close with my annual viewing of Halloween 3. 10 more days til Halloween, Halloween Halloween, 10 more days til Halloween, Silver Shamrock!

Day 20 only had one viewing, Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter. This was a fun little Hammer production filled with some laughs and sword fights. And Caroline Munro. This isn't one of the elite Hammer films but it is a fun romp.

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Caffeinated Joe said...

Quite the line up, again! Love Halloween III, it has certainly grown on me over the year!