Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October Horror Challenge 2013 - Day 7

I came down with a cold yesterday, which made day 7 a disaster. While I did get 4 movies in, 3 of them were from one fucking terrible franchise....

Wishmaster was a mid-90s horror flick that was half decent, had a cool premise and a monster that had a nifty design. Well, it has spawned 3 sequels in '99, '01 and '02 and each one of them is vomit worthy. Part 2 brings the Djinn into a prison cell to collect 1,001 souls to take over the world. Simple enough story but it goes off in to stupid directions that don't make sense given the story you need to make a wish to the the Djinn for him to get your soul, a few hundred souls are collected randomly at a casino... total bullshit. The acting sucks, the writing sucks and fuck that movie.

Part 3 is a little better I suppose, at least there were more boobs. That is really the only upside it had. So it went from vomit inducing to a test of how long the viewer can hold out for the next set of knockers. And guess what? Part 4... yeah it fucking sucks too. I fell asleep during it and made the fucking mistake of going back to see what I missed. It wasn't much and nothing noteworthy. Fuck this series. Hey Djinn, here's my wish, I wish your shitty fucking series never got made. I should have known movies made by a guy named Chris Angel would suck just as much ass as that douchebag magician with the same name.

At least the day wasn't a total loss as I did watch a creepy 1968 Japanese movie called The Living Skeleton which was a cross between a ghost story, a doppelganger mystery thriller and a mad scientist story. It features some attractive black and white photography and a bit more violence than I was expecting. I would recommend that one. 

Today's Rundown
Wishmaster 2 - 3/10
Wishmaster 3 - 4/10
Wishmaster 4 - 3/10
The Living Skeleton - 7/10


Caffeinated Joe said...

I have tried to get into the Wishmaster movies more than once, never enjoy them.

DethRabbit3K said...

You wish the Wishmaster movies were never made? Careful what you wish for...
Actually, I met Andrew Divoff & he's just as creepy in person. But yeah, fuck the sequels.