Monday, October 21, 2013

October Horror Challenge 2013- Days 17-18

I know I'm a few days behind so I play catch up over a couple of posts so that the post isn't enormous...

Day 17 started with a re-watch of the classic Black Christmas, no not the terrible remake from 2006 where I was forced to sit next to a white trash broad and her wigger boyfriend who made gross make out sounds while in a handicap seat during a sold out showing Christmas Night 2006... we're talking the Bob Clark classic. This movie is fantastic but is in desperate need of a nice release, preferably on Blu-ray because the discs available currently all look like crap.

Next up was Adam Chaplin which just received a full disc review so I'll just link that HERE.

The day ended with the mediocre and disappointing Umberto Lenzi flick Hitcher In The Dark. It wasn't terrible but as a big fan of Lenzi's films I was hoping for something better... or at least trashier. This was the final film I had to watch this month out of the High School Horrors triple pack from Shriek Show that I recently purchased and all 3 movies were pretty disappointing. What a waste.

Day 18 began with Nekromantik 2. this is a better looking and better made sequel to the original however it didn't quite give me the skin-crawling, close my window and shades and hope nobody sees me watching this film that the first did. That isn't to say it isn't revolting and nasty in the best way, because it certainly still is and I'm still a big fan of it.

I'd been wanting to check out the WNUF Halloween Special since I heard about it but finding out that a local Baltimore team made it definitely pushed me over the edge into watching it now. I'm glad I did because while the horror is light, the overall production was awesome. They really nailed every aspect of making this look light it was straight out of the 80s from a local news channel.

A re-watch of Army Of Darkness was next... do I really need to say anything? I leave it at this, the movie is a blast and even though the Evil Dead remake sucked balls I'm excited for the recently announced AOD 2.

I closed the day out with my first and probably only viewing on VHS for the month with Dead Men Walk. This is a totally uninspired, and weak 1940s vampire type horror film that isn't worth talkinga bout and will never be held in the same regard as even 2nd tier horror films from that decade.

Today's Rundown
Black Christmas - 8/10
Adam Chaplin - 3/10
Hitcher In The Dark - 5/10
Nekromantik 2 - 7/10
WNUF Halloween Special - 8/10
Army Of Darkness - 8/10
Dead Men Walk - 4/10

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Caffeinated Joe said...

Black Christmas - the original - one of my favorite movies of all time. I remember when I could never find it and it held some lofty, taboo place in my brain. And even when I did get to see it, it was still amazing. Love it. Want to sit and watch that WNUF Halloween Special, sounds like good fun!