Monday, October 14, 2013

October Horror Challenge 2013 - Days 11-13

The weekend got away from me pretty badly as far as keeping the blog updated with each day's viewing, my apologies.

Day 11 started off with a viewing of one of my absolute favorite ridiculous movies, Troll 2. This was watched right before bed after the clock rolled over from day 10. It doesn't seem to matter how many times I watch this movie and quote it as it moves along it remains an absolutely hilarious and endlessly entertaining piece of gold. It is the definition of so-bad-it's-good.

Later that day was a pair of films from a double feature DVD I recently purchased. The first was Night Of The Sorcerer's a jungle vampire flick from director Amando De Ossorio of the Blind Dead fame. I'm a big of Ossorio and while this isn't his best film it was very entertaining and featured a good bit of skin and gore.

The second half of the double feature rounded out the day's viewing... the Paul Naschy exorcist rip-off simply title Exorcism. I've heard a lot of praise over the years for this one but it is pretty damn slow in spots, where not too much happens until the last 10 minutes. It isn't really bad up to that point but it definitely pulls the movie down as they could have given us a bit more exorcism fun earlier in the film.

A friend of mine had picked up the Chucky boxset and we watched the new one, The Curse Of Chucky. The movie is better than I expected it to be but Chucky looked weird throughout the film which was a bit annoying. There were some classic Chucky one-liners and it was a harmless film even if there are a couple of odd timeline issues and overlooking things from the original. At least it was way better than Seed.

The next 4 movies were all on the recently released DVD from Shout/Scream Factory... first was The Outing. The basis of this movie is an ancient genie lamp was discovered during a home robbery and eventually ends up in a museum where it wreaks havoc on the guests. This is total 80s cheese taht had potential to be absolutely classic but didn't quite go far enough over the top. That said it was a nice change of pace to watch a movie involving a Djinn/genie that didn't suck ass like the Wishmaster sequels.

The Godsend was next, a British thriller about an evil child who was abandoned at a family's home and raised by the family as their own. The child begins to kill off her several siblings to get her parents to herself. It was a bit dissapointing in how tame and overall bland it was. The evil child subgenre has been done much better than this.

The day concluded with What's The Matter With Helen, a psychological horror film about a woman going mad from paranoia and stress set in the 30s. It was okay but a bit slow and featured more references and songs from Annie than I'd like to see again.

That DVD set was rounded out with The Vagrant, starring Bill Paxton. This was a goofy one as Paxton deals with a homeless man that is seemingly terrorizing him and driving him insane. It never hides its hammyness but it does a nice job of playing up the psychological horror as well.

While at my friend Jordan's house we checked out the Blu-ray of Jason X. His favorite of the series and one I love as well. I'm sure you've all seen it and either love it for how ridiculous it is or hate it for how ridiculous it is.

After getting home that night and passing out I woke up to check out Living Doll, a dvd from Mondo Macabro in which a medical student falls in love with the girl working at the gift shop and finds her body in the morgue. He brings her corpse home and dresses her up as if she were alive. He goes on a bit of a killing spree after he hears her tell him to avenge her death. This was really enjoyable and I think it deserves more attention.

Finally I re-watched Lucio Fulci's Manhattan Baby. I haven't seen it in a good 7 or 8 years but I remember thinking it wasn't quite as bad as most people think it is... well it'll probably be another 7 or 8 years before I give it another chance. What a bore.

Today's Rundown
Troll 2 - 10/10
Night Of The Sorcerers - 6.5/10
Exorcism - 6/10
Curse Of Chucky 6/10
The Outing 6.5/10
The Godsend 5/10
What's The Matter With Helen 5.5/10
The Vagrant 6/10
Jason X 8/10
Living Doll 7/10
Manhattan Baby 3.5/10

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Caffeinated Joe said...

Quite the line up! I am interested to see the newest Chucky film, but it may have to wait a bit. And I love Jason X. It is just balls-out fun!