Saturday, August 28, 2010

Satan's Blood (1977)


I was first introduced to Satan's Blood about 7 years ago when I found a big box VHS of it for 50 cents when a local store was clearing out their used VHS inventory. I instantly snatched it up and watched it. What I found on that tape was total Euro-sleaze.

Satan's Blood is a Spanish made horror film from director Carlos Puerto. It follows Andy and Anna, a young couple who are expecting their first child after a miscarriage claimed their other baby. While bored one afternoon they decide to go for a drive and meet another couple, Bruno and Berta who claim to know Andy from years before in college. Bruno convinces the younger couple to follow them to their house in the country for a night of catching up and celebrating their expected baby.

While there a bad storm coupled with dark dirt roads prompt Andy and Anna to spend the night. Bruno brings out a Ouija board after he finds Anna looking at a book of witchcraft he had on his shelf. They all decide it would be harmless fun to give it a try. This game turns the entire weekend into a nightmare of murder, suicide, rape, Satanic covens, and pure madness.

This is a film that needs to be seen by any fan of sleazy horror films of the 1970s. This was a decade that will probably never be replicated in how far they would push the envelope of sex and violence in a film, trying to drive its audience to insanity. And as far as many governments were concerned they did a good enough job at doing just that. This is a film that was released in its native Spain with a rating of "S" which stood for sex and sadism.

While not a perfect horror film and not the most notorious exploitation you will come across, Satan's Blood has a lot to offer. It is fairly open ended in a few details that are fun to fill in for yourself and the imagery in certain scenes is very cool. Hunt down the DVD and enjoy!