Monday, June 1, 2020

Amityville Vibrator (2020) Review

Directed By: Nathan Rumler
Written By: Nathan Rumler
Starring: Corella Waring, Mallory Maneater, Emily Hillborn
Color/66 Minutes/Not Rated

By 1989 and moving into the mid-90s the Amityville Horror  franchise left the iconic house in New York and focused on a series of random objects that have been possessed by a demon. These movies were mildly entertaining if not very familiar fare for the period that were released directly to VHS to clog video store shelves. I assure you, and more importantly warn you AMITYVILLE VIBRATOR is not one of those movies.

A family massacred and a satanic masturbation session lead to an unassuming vibrator becoming possessed and falling into the hands of Cathy who has recently moved into the site of that massacre. When she uses the vibrator she becomes a Satanic sex fiend and finds that combination of ingredients can be very evil and very deadly.

Nathan Rumler is responsible for films such as the gross out vampire comedy Fangboner and Gay For Pray: The Erotic Adventures Of Jesus Christ, a couple films I find to be quite entertaining. If you're at all familiar with them you know that Rumler doesn't mind pushing a few buttons and doesn't care if he offends anyone that is uptight and has their panties in a bunch. He doesn't hold back in AMITYVILLE VIBRATOR where frequent full nudity is only scratching the surface of what we're subjected to. Sex scenes aplenty, extensive blood and gore from James and Mae Bell who have created some of the nastiest gore effects in recent indie horror memory also grace the screen in rapid succession. The story is a bit loose as the movie clocks in at just 66 minutes (and apparently will be cut down a couple more minutes for distribution to cut down on a scene that quite honestly needed trimming down) so with all of the raunchiness there's only so much time to keep things moving briskly with a detective story that has some hilarious scenes in itself. Don't let the sex and blood fool you, Rumler is great with comedy in his movies and adds it in seamlessly here.

I watched AMITYVILLE VIBRATOR twice before writing this review and while movies such as this will always have their bumps and rough spots I feel that Rumler has shown some of his best direction and most artistic eye in this one and if there isn't a direct reference to Dario Argento's blood splattered giallo Tenebre I'll eat my hat.

AMITYVILLE VIBRATOR is frankly a movie that fans of extreme indie genre fare can really sink their teeth into right now. It doesn't take itself too seriously and it offers up everything you could ever want to distract yourself from our fucked up world for an hour - tons of nudity, gore and Nathan Rumler's weiner. That's all we need folks.

AMITYVILLE VIBRATOR will delight, disgust and quite possibly offend you on streaming on June 6th and on DVD shortly after.