Friday, November 20, 2020

Casting Couch Slaughter (2020)


Directed By: Krystal Shenk, Emir Skalonja

Written By: Krystal Shenk, Emir Skalonja

Starring: Emir Skalonja, Cody Wight, Krystal Shenk

There's something fun about seeing a film title and knowing exactly what to expect and the film delivering on that promise. CASTING COUCH SLAUGHTER is that type of movie. 

This micro budget indie slasher set around the casting and production of "the greatest porno of all time" looks and feels like a shot-on-video video store oddity of the 80s. It has a synthy soundtrack that permeates most of the film no matter what is going on and that fits the shot on video aesthetic. The main characters are a pair of cocaine fueled filmmakers looking for the perfect cast of their porno film that will not only have the hottest bodies and plenty of sex but a story that will genuinely make people care about these characters. We witness the debauchery and madness of the casting process along with the bloody murder of many of the pornstar-hopefuls as they're offed by a masked killer with a drill. 

While there's lots of nudity and simulated sex to go along with the bloody violence there's also enough laughs to keep it light and airy. I never felt that CASTING COUCH SLAUGHTER was out to drag me down or be mean to anyone involved or the viewing audience. Without a misogynistic tone CASTING COUCH SLAUGHTER can be enjoyed without the weight of guilt that perhaps this movie is mean or degrading. 

From a technical and performance stand point this one isn't going to blow you away or win any awards and in a part of the film world where overacting runs rampant there's actually more instances where I think the cast is underacting and could have turned it up a few notches. With that having been said, it's not a game breaker and the film remains entertaining. So if you're up for a movie that feels like it wouldn't be out of place on a video store shelf in 1987 with an eye catcing big-box VHS staring you down daring you to rent it then give CASTING COUCH SLAUGHTER a look. 

CASTING COUCH SLAUGHTER is available on Vimeo