Monday, November 10, 2008

PIECES (1981)

Pieces is a classic piece of exploitation trash. It is very light on plot and heavy on blood. Most characters do things that make absolutely no sense, and that is why I love it. There are no surprises with this movie, you go into it and know what you're getting.

We start with a young boy in 1942 Massachusetts, he is putting together a "nudie" jigsaw puzzle when his mother walks in and loses her mind. She starts destroying the boys entire bedroom, when he comes in with an axe and kills her. The rest of the movie is just as absurd as that sounds.

I could go into great detail explaining this whole movie scene by scene, kill by kill, but that would take the magic out of it. Most horror fans and exploitationphiles already know what goodness this movie holds. But to anyone interested in letting your brain rest for 85 minutes, and having fun, go get drunk and watch Pieces. You wont be sorry.

As for the DVD- we finally get a good transfer! That alone is worth the cost of the DVD, because all previous transfers I had seen were like watching the movie through a screen door. Packed with extras including an option to watch the movie with the original Spanish soundtrack and an option to watch the film with audience reaction from a recent screening at the Vine Theater in Hollywood. Also includes never before seen interviews with the director, and your usual image galleries.


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Unknown said...

I remember my first viewing of Pieces was on my parents Betamax in the 80s... it was the movie that as a kid i thought the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was going to be...crazy stuff..and what was the deal with the girl and the window after the credits?