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PRETTY PEACHES Trilogy (Blu-ray Review) - Vinegar Syndrome

USA/1978,1987, 1989
Directed By: Alex De Renzy
Starring: Desiree Cousteau, Joey Silvera, John Leslie
Color/267 Minutes/X
Region FREE
Release Date: January 19, 2015

The Films
I was first introduced to the PRETTY PEACHES series back in 2014 when Vinegar Syndrome released the first film on Blu-ray and the sequels on a double feature DVD. I immediately fell in love with these slickly made, sex filled comedic adult romps that fill you with laughter perhaps even more than they do with lust. That is perhaps what struck me the most - these are far more than just skin flicks or pornos. These are genuinely well written and well made pieces of exploitation art.

The acting including performances across the series from adult legends Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, Tracey Adams and Desiree Cousteau all of whom are better actors than just being able to produce a boner or some tits on screen. And there talent isn't wasted by a director that doesn't know how to use them or make a picture as there's a reason Alex De Renzy directed just short of 200 films over the course of his career that spanned three decades. The man knew how to make a movie entertaining and he knew how to make it good.

After revisiting this series it isn't surprising but it is welcoming to find that these films hold up on multiple viewings, even when I remember what's around the next turn. The PRETTY PEACHES films have stuck with me visually in my mind stronger than most other adult films I've seen in my life and those memories didn't cheapen my second viewing experience of these classics. If anything it confirmed the fact to myself that I am a genuine fan of these films and not a casual viewer satisfied with seeing them once and moving on. I think this trilogy has earned those fans and they should be proud of enjoying such an oddly quirky, sleazy yet silly taboo fest filled with beautiful women and wild wieners.

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The Audio & Video
The first disc of this double Blu-ray set is the original PRETTY PEACHES which uses the same transfer as the original limited edition BD released by Vinegar Syndrome back in 2014. The 16x9 transfer has a nice sharp quality that lends itself to strong detail levels and healthy and natural skintones. The image is only marred by light speckling and scratches that don't distract. The Mono DTS-HD Master audio sounds just as it did on the previous release - crisp, steady and clean. There's no distortions or background noise to bother you. Simply put a fantastic job making the original audio mix sound as good as it can.

Disc 2 is the double feature of parts 2 and 3 and is an impressive upgrade over the DVD release from May of 2014. The 16x9 anamorphic widescreen uses what seems to be the same HD Master but finally in full HD glory. There's a thin layer of grain/digital noise that is more noticeable in dark scenes but isn't distracting. It looks more natural than artificial anyhow. Detail level is ramped up quite a bit on everything from surfaces to hair while colors vivid without looking artificially pumped up. Part 3 has more damage to the print with scratches and speckling but it still looks quite a bit better than the DVD despite a few moments of frame wobbling.

Both films are similarly successful with their HD Mono tracks being free of audible annoyances or damage. They're clear and pleasing to the ear without any fluctuations in the volume level.

The Extras
Disc 1 is bare bones, failing to port over an archive interview with director Alex De Renzy and a video interview with historian Ted Mcilvenna along with a selection of trailers for various De Renzy films. This keeps that original limited edition Blu-ray release special for its bonus content.

Disc 2 carries over the original trailer for PRETTY PEACHES 2, that being the lone extra included on either release.

The Bottom Line
Each entry into the PEACHES series offers up something a little different but they're all high quality smut that have earned their cemented status as adult classics. There's no better way to see these sex flicks than this set and though this set is light on special features it is still highly recommended.

PRETTY PEACHES triple feature is available HERE

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