Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Back in September of last year Vinegar Syndrome released this pair of films on Blu-ray in a limited edition of 2,000. That release sold out quickly as limited editions tend to do and is going for big bucks on the secondary used market. While I think if you dropped the $75-80 it'll cost you to get the limited edition Blu-ray you wouldn't be disappointed in the work done by Vinegar Syndrome because it is a truly beautiful job done by VinSyn, I'm totally on board with this DVD release of the films.

Fans commonly complain in situations like these when a limited edition is re-released but VinSyn is keeping the Blu-ray edition special by re-releasing the films for those that missed out on them the first time to get them at a reasonable price but not giving them the entire package that the people that bought the limited edition get. It's a fair trade off in my opinion and the Blu-ray editions are still out there on the secondary market if you want to pay the collector prices to get it. It's gorgeous and worth it if you need these films in HD. Otherwise this DVD release is a very nice release that carries over the special features from the original Blu-ray.

You can read the original Blu-ray review HERE but just note that the A/V takes a small step down in quality as we're talking about a DVD instead of an HD presentation here. The films are still a blast, Hyapatia Lee is still sexy as hell and a legend of adult films and I hope you'll give this one a chance if you previously missed out on the Blu.

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