Friday, September 30, 2011

Victor Crowley Lives - Hatchet 3 Has A Director

Remember a few days ago when I said I was done posting in September? I lied. News has just surfaced that BJ McDonnell is attached to helm Hatchet 3. McDonnell has been the camera and Steadicam operator for each of the first two Hatchet movies along with movies like Jonah Hex and the A Nightmare On Elm St. remake. Don't let those two shitty movies make you judge his directorial work... because he doesn't have any. This will be his first time in the director's chair so it will be interesting to see what happens with the 3rd installment in the modern day splatter slasher series. Adam Green the director of the first two Hatchet films is expected to work closely with the development of the third.

There you have it.


Lady Shasha said...

Hell yeah! I had the opportunity to view Hatchet 2 with Kane Hodder! He was really nice, and kept nudging me with his elbow saying "Watch this!", just before some of the kill scenes. I can't wait for part 3

MTaM said...

I still haven't seen the second one despite owning the Blu-Ray. It's October, so hopefully that'll change since I try to watch more horror movies this month.

Celluloid Terror (Seth Poulin) said...

Sasha - that is awesome! He was really cool and funny when I met him a few years back.

Kimberly - get to it, its fun. I do prefer the first though.