Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jack Frost 2 (2003)

Sometimes there comes a movie you just have to talk about. Whether it's so good you can't contain yourself or it's so awful that you have to bitch about it. I had no intentions on writing about this movie but Jack Frost 2 was so ridiculous I have to write a review.

A year after their first encounter Sheriff Sam and Jack Frost come face to face again during a Christmas vacation on a tropical island. Jack Frost has returned from the dead thanks to an error in a lab so he has no problem dealing with the heat of the islands... or the fire, guns or antifreeze weapons he is faced with while trying to settle the score with the sheriff.

I've never seen the first Jack Frost movie (unless we're talking about the lovable musician snowman dad) so I have no fucking idea what happened in it but if it's anywhere near as ridiculous as the sequel that was released 5 years later I'm sure it's fucking awesome. This movie is easily available on it's own or in a double or triple feature package and it's worth the price of admission alone. Jack Frost 2 is so Goddamn ridiculous with hilarious one liners like "Cowatonguea!" and more snow puns than you can imagine, the frosty killing sequences just make you smile. There is nothing serious here, it is pure comedy. And they make it charming enough to work. This is a movie Charles Band wishes he could make day in and day out.

Realistically this movie is complete shit, but it manages to pull it off with such grace. The snowman character is so funny with his one liners and the kills are full of shitty gore that will make you laugh hard. Jack Frost 2  is a fine piece of bullshit to pair with some beers and you have a winner if you appreciate crappy fun.

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