Friday, September 28, 2012

October Horror Challenge - The Preview

October is right around the corner yet again and that means for the 4th consecutive year I will be participating in the October Horror Movie Challenge at DVDTalk. The challenge is in its 8th year and just gets bigger and better every year. The basic idea of the challenge is to watch as much horror as you can during the month and have fun talking about what you watch with the other participants. To participate all you have to do is be signed up at DVDTalk forums and create a list post in the appropriate thread. Every participant has a chance to win a prize from the great sponsors this year. Sponsors and prizes are at an all time high this year and yes, Celluloid Terror is donating some prizes for the challenge.

Just like last year my daily viewing will be recapped on this site with mini reviews and thoughts about each movie. Any other seasonal stuff that I end up doing such as pumpkin carving, haunted houses, and anything else that goes along with Halloween will also be covered. This is the most active month of the year for CT and always the most fun too.

The challenge officially starts September 30 at dusk and ends the morning of November 1st at dawn. Join the challenge, follow my month of turning my brain to Jell-O and have fun with me. See you in a few days with the first post!

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