Monday, June 26, 2017

Comet TV June Lineup & Giveaway - Alien Invasion (CLOSED)

June is an action packed month over at Comet TV! With so many films you can only see on the Sci-Fi and Horror channel!
But that’s not all, did you know that this July is the 70th anniversary of the famed Roswell UFO crash?
This July 4th beginning at 10AM/9C Aliens Invade! Say wha? Yep, to ring in the 4th, Comet TV is holding an Invasion: Alien Attack Movie Marathon!
There’s Invisible Invaders (1959), The Falling (1987), Strange Invaders (1983) and more!

The Comet TV Prize Pack includes:
1 - Limited Edition custom designed Fidget Spinner: They are all the rage right now and there’s no better way to cool down when you’re hot under the collar and worried about the survival of the human species!
2 - Comet TV Popcorn Tubs: Munch your cares away with these two custom design popcorn tubs. Perfect to share with a friend or keep all the rations to yourself. You just might need it!
1 - Comet TV Cylinder Survival Bottle: During times of invasion you still need to hydrate. What if you were by a lake or stream while running from the aliens and didn’t have anything to put water in. Breathe freely my friends, we got you covered!
2 - Bags of Popcorn: How can we give you Popcorn Tubs without the popcorn. We’re not evil… Well…. Only sometimes.
1 - Limited Edition Comet TV Alien Invasion Collector Card: Warn your friends about the Alien Invasion with this handy dandy card! Shout it from the rooftops, scream it from the top of your lungs… Or just share it on Facebook. Either way, this limited edition collector card is an awesome way to share the love!

1. Send Email to titled "Comet TV Alien Invasion"
2. In the email include your full name and address 
3. Tell me your favorite alien invasion movie
4. US Residents Only

About COMET - June 2017

This July marks the 70th anniversary of the mysterious UFO crash at Roswell, and COMET is going all out to celebrate. On July 4, we’ll be airing our Invasion: Alien Attack Movie Marathon beginning at 10am/9C, which includes such classics as Strange Invaders and Without Warning.
July 4th beginning at 10AM/9C
Invisible Invaders (1959) 
at 10AM/9C
The Falling (1987) 
at NOON/11C
Strange Invaders (1983) 
at 2P/1C
Without Warning (1980) 
at 4P/3C
Alien Autopsy (2006) 
at 6P/5C
Sunday, June 25 – 
set up back-to-back for your curiosity, 
The Prophecy Trilogy starting at 2P/1C
The Prophecy (1995) at 2P/1C 
The Prophecy II (1998) at 4P/3C 
The Prophecy 3: The Ascent (2000) at 6P/5C

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