Thursday, June 8, 2017

THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS - Vinegar Syndrome DVD Review

Directed By: Fred Lincoln
Written By: Figaro Beulah Vincinzo, Randall Edwards, Fred Lincoln
Starring: Jamie Gillis, France Lomay, Natasha
Color/86 Minutes/X
Region FREE
Release Date: May 30, 2017

The Film
Jamie Gillis stars as a fashion photographer living and working in Paris where he has relationships going on with a pair of sisters under the names of Paul and Philippe unbeknownst to the sisters that they are one and the same. Unsurprisingly his main goal is to get the sisters into bed at the same time, the ultimate menage a trois.

THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS is a X-rated take on comedic romance movies starring a man gallivanting around the city having flings with various women while blowing his chance with his one true love, or two true loves in this case. Jamie Gillis is no stranger to acting in traditional films and shows it here with a solid performance when he's not busy putting the moves to both sisters. He also has one of the most self loathing sex fantasies I've ever seen in a film and it is hilarious in the grand scheme of the film and on top of that adds a level of genuine love and emotion that completely elevates the story above a lustful level and shows Gillis' character in a more positive light.

Director Fred Lincoln gives a grandiose feeling with much of the film being shot within Paris and a few scenes at the end in New York. The film looks good and features solid performances including the sexy sisters played by France Lomay and Natasha who help end the film on a bang with a set up for Paul in New York City that comes crashing through the door like an unwelcome guest but by the end of the party ends up being the life of the party. That ending scene is so out of left field but it is a stupidly silly surprise that sums up how cutely romantic this film is at its core beyond the numerous sex scenes. It doesn't take long to realize THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS has soul and spirit. The catchy original theme song and opening credits make you realize the personality this movie has immediately. The rest of the music is great as well with the passionate wails of the electric guitar being rivaled only by the passionate moans of the sisters in their romps with Jamie Gillis' split character.

I love THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS from start to finish. It's a transatlantic X-rated romp filled with almost as many laughs as money shots.

And there's a slow motion money shot so how could you not want to see it?

The Audio & Video
THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS has been given a new 2K scan and restoration from the original 35mm camera negative courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome and it looks very nice for a standard DVD release. The picture is sharp including natural but vivid colors and fleshy, healthy skin tones. Detail is good and there's minimal imperfections in the 16x9 anamorphic widescreen transfer. The English audio is handled with a Dolby Digital mono mix which is solid. There's no crackling, popping or other annoying imperfections present and the dialogue and score are mixed nicely.

The Extras
A 12 minute interview with supporting actor John Mozzer is the lone extra but it's a welcomed addition to the feature.

The Bottom Line
Much of the attention to this month's Vinegar Syndrome releases is being paid to Malibu High and The Hearse and for good reason but it would be a crime to overlook THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS because it is wildly entertaining and a fine release.


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