Saturday, October 8, 2011

October Challenge Day 8

Day 8 started as i was getting ready to call it a night so I popped in the very familiar John Carpenter's Vampires. This movie starring James Woods is heavy on vampire action and James Woods being a badass. Hell, there's even a Baldwin co-starring. The effect of the vampires being exposed to sunlight is very cool. Worth checking out if you want a little more action oriented vampire flick.

And day concludes without being very productive with I Bury The Living. There was just too much going on today to get more done. Things to get ready for and bullshit to deal with took away my time that I could have fit in at least one more movie. I Bury The Living is a pretty neat 50s B-movie but drags on for a bit then tries to make up for it at the end by rushing things. It was still entertaining though.

Today's rundown:
Vampires - 7/10
I Bury The Living - 6/10

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