Saturday, October 15, 2011

October Horror Challenge Day 15

Day 15 started out about as bad as possible. I was watching movies with some friends and we watched Transformers 3, which obviously isn't horror but it fit the theme of the night just fine because it was the first of 3 awful movies. But then came something I couldn't have prepared myself for -

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls. Let me just say that it honestly made me consider never watching another movie. It is a total pile of shit. 70 minutes of women running around naked for no reason, throwing up and apparently Satan? I don't get it. Someone actually funded this bullshit? People actually paid to see this? And there are people who actually like it? REALLY? You have to be fucking kidding me. I could film my shit floating in the toilet for 70 minutes and it would have more merit and skill than this abomination does. This movie is barely a movie. It's barely anything. I don't know why or how it exists but I hope everyone in the movie dies in a fire because of the time they wasted in my life. Give me a fucking break.

We then watched Clerks director Kevin Smith's new horror/thriller Red State and while it was a step up from the previous movie, it sucked. John Goodman is cool and I like seeing him in stuff but I've really grown to totally hate Kevin Smith as a person. His doucheyness is really showing through in his movies now. He should have sold the rights to the movie instead of being too cool for that because he might have made a buck and retired.

After I recovered from the movies I watched before calling it a night, and the alcohol needed to make it through them, I popped in Street Trash. If you've never seen it and are into older Troma type stuff this is for you. Its silly, gory, funny, gross... all the good things. It has one of my favorite scenes in any movie when the one bum goes into the grocery store. There is also a game of penis keep-away. You know its good.

The Exterminator rounded out the halfway point of the challenge. This isn't really a horror film but I used a "wild card" on it...basically used for anything close enough to horror but not exactly. This is a great exploitation action/revenge flick. Gritty and tough but with heart and dignity. They pushed him too far. You can really feel the grime of old New York coming through the screen in this one. Very good stuff.

Today's Rundown:
Slaughtered Vomit Dolls - 0/10
Red State - 3/10
Street Trash - 8/10
The Exterminator - 8/10

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