Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pretty Peaches 2 & 3 (DVD Review) - Vinegar Syndrome

USA/1987, 1989
Directed By: Alex de Renzy
Written By: Alex de Renzy
Starring: Siobhan Hunter, Keisha
Color/175 Minutes/X
Region FREE
Release Date: May 13, 2014

The Films
PRETTY PEACHES was a very successful porn comedy from 1978. Almost a decade later director Alex de Renzy went back to make an unrelated sequel to the film. PRETTY PEACHES 2 is the story of young Peaches, a 20 year old who wants to learn about sex, badly. Peaches' mother seduces her boyfriend, her father tells her to stop being a tease and she heads to San Francisco (where else) to learn about sex from her uncle (Ron Jeremy) and his circus-like house of characters.

To say the family dynamic in PRETTY PEACHES 2 is fucked up is selling it short. There are some strange situations on display here, however it is kept playful and upbeat so even the taboo subjects on display here are never looked at as weird. Well, yeah, it's still weird but the film manages to make it work.

PRETTY PEACHES 3: THE QUEST has Peaches living in a trailer park, sexually unfulfilled. Her doctor, a lesbian who has gone the distance with Peaches during an exam, suggests a trip to San Francisco (where else) to satisfy her desires. On the way she falls in with a weird and flashy televangelist who thinks more about sex than he does God or faith. This man's bizarre world becomes Peaches existence in what has to be one of the weirdest films released by Vinegar Syndrome yet.

Both of the sequels to PRETTY PEACHES are funny, sexy and more than a little bit odd. The girls that play the titular characters are both very likable and Alex de Renzy, who has directed almost 200 adult films, proves why he is royalty in the adult film industry.

The Audio & Video
Vinegar Syndrome has done a good job overall on this release. PRETTY PEACHES 2 has a vibrant and lively transfer. Skin tones are natural and colors are strong. The print is clean and has obviously been kept in good condition. The audio track is full bodied and free of any annoying background noise. PRETTY PEACHES 3 has a good looking transfer but there is damage in the source material and the image suffers from jitters fairly frequently throughout the film. The audio track is a bit muddy sounding so you may have turn up the volume a bit as it is difficult to understand dialogue at times.

The Extras
There is an original theatrical trailer for part 2. 

The Bottom Line
This is among my favorite releases from Vinegar Syndrome to date. The films are weird, fun and genuine and I think if you're reading this review you'll sincerely enjoy yourself with these films.

PRETTY PEACHES 2 & 3 is available HERE

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