Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Chambermaids (DVD Review) - Impulse Pictuers

Directed By: Unknown
Written By: Unknown
Starring: Eric Edwards, Valerie Marron, Mary Stuart
Color/72 Minutes/Not Rated
Region 1
Release Date: May 6, 2014

The Film
A pair of hotel maids find their go-nowhere jobs boring and it has left them broke so they decide for a little fun, and some quick cash, to start offering themselves up to hotel guests. These attractive young women find themselves in the middle of a couple newlyweds, who don't know that the other is cheating on them on their wedding day just one room over! And then there is the pair of businessmen who get in on the action... but so does one of their wives! And of course all of these paths cross and it is just a ridiculously kinky afternoon with THE CHAMBERMAIDS.

A simple plot, a cheap and fast production, and lots and lots of X-Rated action makes up the 72 minutes of THE CHAMBERMAIDS. There are no surprises here, it goes for the knockout punch almost immediately and doesn't let up. Darken your room and imagine you're in a seedy theater with sticky floors and a potential mugger or flasher to either side of you and you'll complete the experience.  

The Audio & Video
Impulse Pictures has saved the existence of THE CHAMBERMAIDS with this DVD. The full screen presentation was taken from a battered theatrical print that apparently is barely surviving. This disc ensures the existence of the film for future generations to take a look at. The print is heavily scratched and dirty. The audio has quite a bit of background noise such as popping and crackling. And with all of these imperfections present it just somehow feels right for this movie. It feels seedy and wrong and I like it.

The Extras
Bare bones.

The Bottom Line
Close the door and draw the blinds, because THE CHAMBERMAIDS is here. After this you'll probably want to get a trench coat and start running around the city flashing people outside of your local adult theater. Oh, you don't have an adult theater? Well, turn your living room into one and enjoy this movie.


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