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Toho Godzilla Collection Double Feature - Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla II / Godzilla vs Spacegodzilla (Blu-ray Review) - Sony

Japan/1993, 1994
Directed By: Takao Okawara, Kensho Yamashita
Written By: Wataru Mimura, Hiroshi Kashiwabara
Starring: Masahiro Takashima, Jun Hashizume
Color/216 Minutes/Unrated
Region A
Release Date: May 6, 2014

The Films

What happens when a baby Godzilla egg is discovered by some explorers with questionable intentions and Rodan and Godzilla both claim it as their own? Well Godzilla and Rodan start fighting of course. And Japan's Self Defense Force has to unleash MechaGodzilla to protect Japan from the giant monsters and their maternal instincts.

GODZILLA vs MECHAGODZILLA II features a few of the more "awww" inducing moments of the entire franchise along with some intense fight sequences between the monsters and robot. MechaGodzilla is absolutely bad ass in this one, even before he turns into Super MechaGodzilla... yeah, wrap your mind around that one. A very entertaining entry.

Not to be outdone, GODZILLA vs SPACEGODZILLA features a government program which attempts to implant a device on Godzilla that will allow them to controll him telepathically to protect Japan. That plan takes a backseat when Godzilla cells carried into space by Biollante and Mothra have formed a new Godzilla creature that has came through a black hole and invades Japan. This new monster, dubbed Spacegodzilla, is a super charged version of Godzilla, with the ability to absorb the Earth's energy through his giant crystals on his shoulders. Spacegodzilla's first victim is Little Godzilla, which pisses off Godzilla and the fight is under way. Japan's backup plan to their telepathy is Moguera, their penguin-like giant robot which has replaced MechaGodzilla. Can the team of Godzilla and Moguera stop Spacegodzilla before he destroys all of Japan and sucks all of Earth's energy from it's core?

WOO BOY! I love this movie. GODZILLA vs SPACEGODZILLA has vicious fight scenes, an original story, and a pretty cool giant robot, that isn't quite as neat at MechaGodzilla, but has his own advantages. The cuteness of Little Godzilla, who has a stare down with Spacegodzilla early on, is overwhelming and because of the beating he takes from the extraterrestrial monster you spend the rest of the movie just cheering for Japan and Godzilla to team up and give him what's coming. It is great to finally get Godzilla as Japan's ally for the first time in several movies in this one.

The Audio & Video
Both of these films have very similar looking transfers from Sony. The prints are mostly clean and in nice condition. Detail levels are an improvement over the DVD versions of the films, with the monster suits looking good. Colors are a bit less muted than the previous double feature but there's still room for improvement on Toho's end. Skin tones look good and it is a sharper image than you could ask for on DVD. The Japanese 5.1 DTS-HD audio tracks sound strong and boisterous. There's no annoying popping or crackling in the background and the optional English subtitles are timed perfectly and translated nicely. 

The Extras
There are original trailers for each film, and Ultraviolet digital copy codes. 

The Bottom Line
These 2-disc Blu-ray sets are easily found for under $15 each and that price they're really a no-brainer for Godzilla fans and cheap enough to take a chance on if you're interested in checking out these movies. These two movies are immensely entertaining and I'm thrilled to own them on Blu-ray.

The Toho Godzilla Collection Double Feature is available HERE

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