Sunday, September 17, 2017

Comet TV September Giveaway - Godzilla Takeover!

Godzilla is taking over COMET TV!
In September everyone’s favorite fire breathing, stomping monster is back and this time… It’s on COMET TV!

Saturdays in Sept there are double features starting at 2P/1C and Godzilla will be showing up all over the COMET TV schedule, check out the times below!
And.. I know everyone loves their Limited Edition COMET TV Godzilla, so we’re giving you a chance to do a giveaway for a lucky reader to win one! Say wha? I know! You can run the contest anyway you like, a lot of people use rafflecopter, etc…
The Godzilla Doin’ Work Limited Edition pack has:
1 - Limited Edition Godzilla Action Figure: Who doesn’t want to sport some COMET TV swag! Godzilla sure does! He loves COMET TV so much, he’s ripping through his shirt, clearly Godzilla has been hitting the gym!
1 - Limited Edition Godzilla COMET TV Card: Perfect for catching up with Godzilla’s comings and goings on COMET TV!

Contest Closes September 30th
Winners addresses must be submitted by October 6.
Giveaway open to the U.S.

To Enter
1. Email and title it "September Comet Giveaway"
2. Tell me which monster or character in pop culture (movies, tv, comics etc...) that you'd like to see fight Godzilla
3. Include your full name and address

About COMET TV - September 2017
Double Feature starting at 2P/1C
SEPTEMBER 25 - 29 
Starting at various afternoon times
Godzilla VS. Destroyah (1995) 
Saturday, September 16 at 4:30P/3:30P 
Thursday, September 28 at 3:30/2:30P
Godzilla VS. Spacegodzilla (1994) 
Saturday, September 16 at 2P/1C 
Friday, September 29 at 3:30P/2:30P
Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-out Attack (2001) 
Saturday, September 23 at 2P/1C 
Thursday, September 28 at 6P/5C
Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (2003) 
Saturday, September 23 at 10P/9C 
Saturday, September 30 at 2P/1C

Godzilla: Final Wars takes us to the 28th century where Earth has been ravaged by giant monsters, giving the Xiliens (a group of aliens who dress like they're in a 90's goth rock band) a chance to claim our planet as their own.
Sunday, September 24 at 1A/MIDNIGHT 
Saturday, September 30 at 5P/4C
Godzilla 2000 (1999) 
GODZILLA WEARS A TINFOIL HAT. Did you know Godzilla is a UFO believer? Unfortunately, years upon years of reading about alien abduction conspiracies on the internet can't prepare the King of Monsters for what happens in Godzilla 2000....When a UFO is awoken from a million-year slumber deep in the Earth's crust, it employs a series of sneaky tactics (gene-snatching, reckless driving, and more) to give Godzilla a real extraterrestrial beat-down.
Saturday, September 23 at 4P/3C 

and Friday, September 30 at 5P/4C

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