Friday, September 1, 2017

THE EVIL IN US - RLJ Entertainment DVD REview

Directed By: Jason William Lee
Written By: Jason William Lee
Starring: Debs Howard, Danny Zaporozan, Behtash Fazlali
Color/91 Minutes/Not Rated
Region 1
Release Date: August 29, 2017

The Film
What happens when a group of attractive coeds get together for any vacation getaway? Well they usually end up partying, cheating on their significant other and eventually they end up dead and covered in blood. At least in horror movies that's how it tends to go. THE EVIL IN US is no different.

A group of six attractive young people reunite for a 4th Of July party at a secluded family cabin but before long old tensions and relationship dramas come bubbling to the surface. Things only get worse when one by one they turn into blood thirsty maniacs because the drugs they took were laced with a bio-virus.

THE EVIL IN US is a standard horror plot that uses political and social commentary as the accelerator for a gory horror film that evokes thoughts of films like The Evil Dead, Cabin Fever and classic slasher films with its final girl survivor formula. Unfortunately THE EVIL IN US is not as scary or original as The Evil Dead, doesn't feature the genuinely funny script of Cabin Fever or the iconic character that you latch on to that a slasher like Friday The 13th offers. The social commentary is somewhat thought provoking but it comes off as hammy and unintentionally comedic at the end. If all you're looking for is a straight forward, blood and guts horror movie you can do worse than THE EVIL IN US. You won't be blown away by the originality but half of its hour and half runtime is filled with gory violence and some interesting special effects makeup. THE EVIL IN US is best looked at as a straight forward horror flick that takes a lot from films that came before it because the scenes taking place outside of the party island take away from the best parts the movie has to offer.

The Audio & Video
RLJ Entertainment presents THE EVIL IN US in a 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer that looks nice for standard DVD. The image is clear and sharp with a natural color palette that is pleasing to the eye. The English audio is presented in a 5.1 Dobly Digital surround mix that sounds great. The sound is crisp and is free of background noise, hiss, crackling or other distortions.

The Extras

The Bottom Line
THE EVIL IN US doesn't offer anything especially new or groundbreaking but it does have a bit of entertainment to offer less picky horror fans.

THE EVIL IN US is available HERE

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