Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (2008)


20-something Jack Brooks is a plumber with anger management issues. Years after seeing his family slaughtered while camping by [i]something[/i] and years of telling himself different stories of what happened, he doesn't know what to believe anymore. His psychologist isn't any help for his anger issues, and his nagging girlfriend isn't any help with anything. While taking a night class under Professor Gordon Crowley (played by Robert Englund in one of his finest acting roles), he gets hired by his teacher to help fix some plumbing problems at Crowley's old house. While doing this they unleash an evil spirit into the house and it infects Crowley.

Over the next few days Crowley is acting strange and is obviously never himself. When Brooks goes to get a part to fix a broken pump at Crowley's house he hears of a story about monsters and demons from the old man working at the store. Its a story of ancient evil still living in a black heart no longer attached to a body. Crowley of course finds this heart buried in an old crate in his back yard and the evil in the heart forces him to consume it, completly overtaking him.

The next night at class the professor is in a state of disrepair and turns into the full formed monster. Think Jaba The Hut mixed with an octopus. The Tentacles that the monster has begin to wrap up students as they run throughout the school and pull them back to the classroom. As it pulls them back a feeding tube of sorts comes out of the mouth and goes into the mouth of the students, pumping them full of who knows what. But they turn into monsters. This is when the ass kicking starts.

Brooks goes out to his van and gets his plumbing supplies to fight back. He has visions of his traumatic childhood experience and goes to town fighting these monsters. The last 20 minutes of this movie are F-U-N! A perfect setup for a MUCH NEEDED sequel ends the 85 minute journey into monster night class hell.

Jack Brooks is an indie horror film that people were comparing to The Evil Dead, and while it isn't The Evil Dead its a damn fine film and the comparisons are justified. The films biggest flaw is how long it takes to get to the monster fights, but there is plenty of laughs to keep you entertained until it starts. The cast does a great job, every character having a specific mold to fit and they were spot on. Robert Englund is at the top of his game in this.


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