Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Mutilator, Halloween 3

Its been a while since there was a new review posted, so here's a couple short ones until I do Troma's new Poultrygeist.

The Mutilator- An 80s slasher pure and simple. A father angry that his son accidentally shot his wife when he was a very young child has planned his revenge when his son has grown up. On vacation while at college the father asks his son to go to his beach house to close it up for the winter. When his friends catch wind of it they pressure him into going and bringing them for a weekend getaway. When they arrive they begin to get picked off one by one.

A run-of-the-mill slasher, that is worth watching at least once. I'd like to see it again with a better transfer and uncut.

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch- Halloween was originally planned on being an anthology franchise, with every film after the first 2 dealing with a different story centered around the holiday. Halloween 3 is all about the crazy head of Silver Shamrock Novelties who is planning on killing kids all across the country with his murderous masks. Using supernatural powers from a Stonehenge rock and black magic, his plan will come to fruition if a doctor who discovered his plan can't stop him in time.

This is a great movie, that gets better every time i watch it. For a long time it has been looked upon as a terrible movie and gotten a lot of unjust hate. So what if Michael Myers isn't in it, its a great movie with a very bleak ending. People are finally coming around to it and realizing that just because Mikey wasn't in it its not good. This is essential viewing during the month of October.

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