Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nurse Diary: Wicked Finger (DVD Review) - Impulse Pictures

Directed By: Shinichi Shiratori
Written By: Rokuro Kumagai
Starring: Etsuko Hara, Asami Ogawa, Hiroshi Unayama
Color/68 Minutes/Not Rated

The Film
 Ryoko is a young nurse who has just moved out of the nurse's dormitory in order to keep her affair with one of the doctors at the hospital a secret. The doctor is a married man but certainly not committed as he also has an ongoing affair with a burlesque dancer who regularly visits him complaining of fake symptoms to get his sexual attention. The doctor loves Ryoko though, and their relationship is quickly becoming public knowledge as Ryoko has a very nosey neighbor who has fallen for her along with a shy, younger nurse who wants to be like her and be around her all the time. The affair between doctor and nurse falls apart when the doctor's wife finds out about it. 

NURSE DIARY: WICKED FINGER is a slapstick driven sexual romp around the hospital. The comedy is poured on in heavy doses, even in moments where you wouldn't normally expect comedy. The skin factor is of course on display frequently and that is the star of the show. This movie is fast moving and greatly gratifying to the viewer who gets plenty of what they came to see, with some laughs and silliness on top. 

The Video 
Impulse Pictures presents NURSE DIARY with a 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer that is a rather nice looking presentation. The colors within the houses standout nicely compared to the drab looking interior of the hospital scenes. The image is clean and stable and has a nice natural look to it.

The Audio
The 2.0 Mono track is in the film's native Japanese and includes optional English subtitles. The track has a bit of background noise at times but is a perfectly satisfactory track with dialogue never getting lost in the mix with the soundtrack. The subtitles are newly translated and read perfectly. 

The Extras
The original theatrical trailer, accompanies reversible cover art and liner notes from Jasper Sharp.

The Bottom Line
This is the 15th entry into the Nikkatsu series from Impulse Pictures and it continues to provide a very diverse and entertaining series of skin flicks from Japan. You'll be doing yourself a disservice if you're a fan of the series and don't pick this one up.


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