Thursday, May 19, 2016

ALL NIGHT AT THE PO-NO (Vinegar Syndrome) - DVD Review

USA/Various Years
Color/Over 12 Hours/X
Region FREE
Release Date: April 26, 2016
3 DVD Set

The Films
ALL NIGHT AT THE PO-NO features a dozen hour long stag reels and a pair of shorts for good measure. Everything from the light hearted to the rough and tumble is featured here and you'll laugh, cringe, possibly cry and definitely enjoy. Just don't get caught using your wee-wee like Pee-Wee. Here's a rundown on the films...

1. Girl Acrobatics- This is probably the first time you've seen a man get head while doing a hand stand... that's pretty awesome. He also gets mad that the girl has a dildo and shows her she doesn't need it next to the fire. Amen brother.

2. Homer The Late Comer - A film editor that looks like a cross between Joe Spinell and Booger from Revenge Of The Nerds lives with his momma and dreams of a better sex life. Luckily for him he gets some action on a nasty green couch with a girl that has a dirty butthole. She was attractive before that. This is serious smut comedy.

3. Erotic Point Of View - Ever see a woman yodel into a dildo? You will here. Plus see possibly the first ever point of view experiment in porn with a blind character. It's not only interesting, it's historic!

4. Porno Mondo - A "sex documentary" on the industry filled with plenty of action and some entertaining interview clips. Watch this one for the awesome XXX theater and bookstore location footage from a bygone era.

5. Sex Before Marriage - A man's wedding day starts off on the wrong foot when his car breaks down but things start looking up when he fucks his way across town with everyone except his bride to be!

6. Orgy In The Woods - The second short film is exactly what you'd expect judging from the title. Sometimes judging a book by its cover is okay.

7. The Playboys - It must be nice having a bevy of beautiful women knocking on your door ready to fuck, right? Well that's the life of a playboy! Be on the look out for a young John Holmes who steals the girls away after they see his giant member and a special appearance by the boom mic operator in the mirror.

8. Suckula - A news reporter shows us footage of Dracula's sexual rampage through Hollywood as he searches for blood in all the wrong places! Everybody gets in on the action in this one.

9. The Big Snatch - A violent gang of women take revenge after one of their members is assaulted and robbed after a quickie. Their brand of revenge involves making sure they get off before getting nasty. Sex, heroin and murder... what else do you need?

10. The Erotic Adventures Of Hercules - No, not the Simpsons episode! This could have been a legendary piece of porn history in a Peplum film setting but instead it's cheap. Too cheap and is just a passable use of xxx time.

11. Shot On Location - The cast and crew of a new adult film get it on while on set, at home and everywhere in between. Then a wife comes home giving an entirely different meaning to the title.

12. The Touch - This porn infused crime film about drug trafficking is almost an actual movie... huh, how about that.

13. Carnal-Go-Round - You'll see how Alice The Hooker loves her job in a series of vignettes where she sucks and fucks for money and even brings a new girl into the fold.

14. All American Hustler - Talk about going home from a 12+ hour porno marathon on a bleak note...  We spend the last few days of a LA prostitute and her heroin addicted friend. Lots of sex, and just as much addiction. It's not as fun as porn probably should be.

The Audio & Video
Vinegar Syndrome has saved these loops from the damage and decay of time as each of these films are at least 40 years old. The picture quality ranges from scratched, spotty and rough to fairly decent but all of them feature some short of damage. I'm not complaining though as they all are perfectly enjoyable and their imperfections only add to their seediness and the dirty feeling you've come to love. While they haven't gone through extensive restoration they've been newly scanned from the original 16mm negatives. Like the picture the audio quality is high and low but usually it's better than not. There's some background noise and crackling and popping but it's steady, clear enough and has a quality mix.

The Extras
You just watched over 12 hours of vintage XXX stag loops... do you really need extras? Wash your hands and get some sleep!

The Bottom Line
Didn't you hear me? Wash your hands and get to bed! Oh, you don't own this yet? Well what are you waiting for? This is a must own for vintage porno collectors.


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